5 Natural Makeup Removers for You!

natural makeup remover

A woman usually wears makeup to look good and presentable specially on important occasions, it is but a part of some of woman’s regimen . The chemical content of the makeup stays in the face for long hours so, when reaching home, removing it should never be set aside especially before going to sleep. However, a natural makeup remover would best fit in.

There are natural ways to remove makeup to prevent skin blemishes, acne, and even skin allergies and irritations. There are also homemade ones which will make you assured of the ingredients in it. This is the list of the things you might want to use:

Natural Makeup Remover
1. Coconut Oil
In summer days, expect oil but during cooler months, the oil will change into solid form like a pat of butter. Its form depends on seasonal change. However, it is much easier to use when it is solid. Preferably, whip it first before using. Then dip a little bit onto the fingers and spread it to remove all the mascara off.

2. Milk
This is a useful cleansing ingredient. Pure almond oil contains vitamin E which is good for the skin. So, mix a tablespoon of milk with a small number of drops of almond oil, apply to the skin and rinse thoroughly.

3. Cucumber
Organic cucumber is a natural makeup remover packed with rejuvenating vitamins. It has cooling, moisturizing and softening property that gives good effect to the skin. This will keep the skin supple and fresh after a long time wearing makeup. In applying, just take a 1/8 cup of the juice from a fresh cucumber and blend it with few drops of baby oil.

4. Yogurt
Use the plain one. Yogurt is much effective for an all-over makeup removal. Gently spread the yogurt to face and it will lift up the makeup from the face when it is rinsed of.

5. Mashed Banana
This is also an effective makeup remover. Using ripe banana, mash it into paste and mix with milk to improve consistency. Leave the mixture for 8-10mins as a masque then remove with warm wash cloth. This will soften and eventually refresh the skin.

After your face has been wrapped up all day with foundation, eye and lip color, mascara and other beauty products, one should not forget to take away what has been applied in our face. This will maintain a healthy and youthful skin with a problem-free condition.

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