6 Organic Homemade Snack Ideas

Everyone loves snacks, and it’s tempting to grab a bag of chips or candies every time hunger strikes. But if you’re health conscious and chooses to serve foods that are healthy for the whole family, these organic homemade snacks would potentially become your favorite. Try these healthy treats today!

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High-Fiber Cereal, Milk and Berries

cereal milk and berries, 6 organic homemade snack ideas, organic living tips

When buying cereal, choose organic and one that’s high in fiber. A cereal that is made with whole grain is a good choice too. Top the cereal with fresh berries for additional Vitamin C, Fiber and Antioxidants.


Dairy-free cookies

dairy-free cookies, 6 organic homemade snack ideas, organic tips

Even if eggs or dairy aren’t a part of your diet, you can still enjoy these delightfully crumbly cookies. With black tea leaves, citrus, sugar, flour and vegan buttery spread that makes it more flavorful, this melt-in-your-mouth shortbread would surely give you and your family a smile.


Organic Apple and Banana Chips

apple and banana chips, 6 organic homemade snack ideas, organic food tips

There’s no need for a dehydrator to make yummy and healthy fruit chips! With organic apples and bananas, cinnamon and parchment paper, you can make chips that you would surely love. A little time in the oven is just about all you need. You may try it using organic potato too.


Organic Almond Milk

organic almond milk, 6 organic homemade snack ideas, organic food tips

If you’re used to buy Almond Milk at your favorite stores, you may want to make one at your home! It’s simple and delicious. Just keep in mind that homemade almond milk will only last for two days in the fridge.


Fruit Smoothie

fruit smoothie, 6 organic homemade snack ideas, organic food tips

Smoothies that you can buy in your local stores are often high in sugar and low in fruit. So why not make your own? Use organic vanilla yogurt and your choice of fruit (organic pears, bananas, etc) and you’ll get a healthy serving of protein, calcium, and other important nutrients.


Apple Nachos

apple nachos, 6 homemade organic snack ideas, organic food tips

This snack has the name recognition of “nachos” to kids, but it’s made with apple instead of fatty chips. Slice organic apples and drizzle with your favorite nut butter. Sprinkle on chocolate chips and pecans for a healthier and sweeter flavor.

That’s it but it doesn’t end there. There are still more healthy organic snacks you could try too. Just do a little experiment on your kitchen and never forget to always choose Organic. Remember, if it isn’t good for you, it’s no good for your family either. Do you already have a plan on what to give to your mom this Mother’s Day? Why not give her tools that could help her make healthy organic snacks in the kitchen? View this list now!

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