6 Ways to Eat Organic Foods on a Budget

Do you want to stay healthy and organic yet you’re out of budget? It is undeniable that organic, healthy products are quite expensive than those non-organic foods that highly contains cancer-causing hormones, immunity destroying anti-biotics and dangerous pesticides.

On the philosophical side, Michael Pollan, an American Author, explains that “the rules of the food game in America are organized in such a way that if you are eating on a budget, the most rational economic strategy is to eat badly – and get fat.”

Prices for organic foods and products have decreased in the past years but organic items are still generally more expensive than non-organic. Cheer up! Here are tips and ways to buy and eat your (and your body’s) favorite organic foods without worrying about your budget.


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1. Stay Organized

Plan out your meals for the week according to organic foods that are on sale and/or that you have coupons for. Write your weekly and monthly budget to help you keep track of your spending. Familiarize yourself with prices and products to help you choose the right brand and product.

2. Compare

Compare different organic stores to find the most economical organic items. Sometimes, large supermarkets have lower prices, but there are also times that privately owned organic stores have more affordable prices. There are also stores having loyalty programs for discounts and reward cards. You may/must avail one to help you save money. You can see list of Organic Stores in USA here.

3. Do it Yourself

Make your own food rather than buying it. You can also improvise ingredients which are not available or not affordable. Find something else that works as well, or even better than the original ingredient. Learn how to portion and prioritize products each week. You can reduce amount of organic meat by substituting half the portion with organic beans. You can also buy less expensive conventional asparagus rather than expensive organic red peppers. You can also grow your own organic foods to your kitchen or somewhere convenient so you can always have fresh herbs at hand. You can also get your own chicken and hatch your own egg. Through this, you may give or sell other eggs to your neighbors and friends!

4. Use Your Freezer

Some organic frozen produce are cheaper than fresh especially if it is out of season. You can also double recipes and freeze leftovers as it works great with soaps and stews. Buy local produce when in season and freeze to save for out of season.

5. Prioritize

Invest in organic meat, cheese, dairy and milk for these are the most important foods to buy organic because of the combined risk of pesticide, anti-biotic and cancer-causing growth hormone exposure of those non-organic items of these. If you really can’t afford to buy organic meat, cheese, dairy and milk, just reduce your consumptions of those products. Try to eat more veggies and organic bread like Ezekiel. Do not buy pre-washed and ready to eat organic fruits and veggies as it cost twice as much. Never buy coffee from Starbucks and other coffee shops as it contains so much pesticides and other cancer-causing growth hormone. Buy organic coffee and tea instead. Eat organic at home rather than eating in organic restaurants as it saves money.

6. Be Smart

Buy in bulk. Take advantage of the ‘buy one get one free’ discounts. Always buy packaged staples on sale. Bring measuring cups with you to the grocery store if you are buying from bulk containers. Buy smaller organic spice packets or jars. Buy the whole animal and freeze the portion you don’t want to use. Find those foods which are in season as it is meaningfully cheaper. You can also join a buying club with your neighbor and friends who are also buying organic products and then buy large quantities at a discount.

These are the 6 ways to eat organic foods without worrying your budget to keep you and your family healthy. If you have questions and suggestions, just leave it at the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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