8 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Junk Foods

To date, I am now in my 2 months without junkfoods, coffee, processed foods, refined sugar or pastries, pasta, soda, candies.  I plan to continue this, I feel better about myself and my body. If you are curious on how I did this here are the tips.

Now if you might want to know these foods I’m avoiding right now (mentioned above) are hard to digest therefore giving a hard time to my stomach that’s been suffering for my unhealthy lifestyle for years. These foods I believe are the culprit of the body weakness, low energy, low stamina, and low appetite I’m experiencing. I have mood swings, easy on anger, anxious. To get me out of these moods swings I did my research on how I can make my negative feelings into a productive and result oriented emotions. And the answer leads me to ‘CHANGE MY DIET into a HEALTHY ONE’!

The pills are not helping so I decided to nourish my body with foods. After all it was Hippocrates who said this famous quotes “Let thy food be Medicine, Let medicine be thy foods”. He is a great philosopher and surely his ideals still works in this modern world we are living today.


  1. I didn’t eat at fast foods anymore. Did you know that my favorites were French fries? What do I get with it? Hydrogenated oil, starch from potatoes, no nutritional value. Then how about the hotdogs, sausage, corned beef in fast foods? You get nitrate, antibiotics from animals, unhealthy fats. Topped it up with starch from their pastry. I don’t know how my stomach would digest these foods. Pasta? Spaghetti? Don’t you know that canned tomatoes are dangerous too? Has BPA that might go to your foods. Pasta are also starches that are hard to break down therefore putting more calories and sugar in your body!say no to junkfoods
  2. I prepare my own foods. Though I have demands at work I always find time to cook for myself. Though I am not the best chef in the world I would think so so I can eat the food I cooked. Eventually I accepted the taste of my cooking. Good or bad. By preparing my own foods, I am aware of the ingredients and how they are done. Of course the most important one is that you avoid the junkies.
  3. Choose a healthy snack. I switched to healthier snack like yogurt, fruits like avocado which has healthy fats, eggs for protein, and if I crave for chips I go for peanuts for Omega 3 (I cook the peanuts myself). I also make my own homemade pancakes. Learn the pancake recipe here. This way I will not have the excuse anymore to eat from packages and boxes because I have produce from the Earth.
  4. I blend my Foods. Yes, it’s a full adjustment to skip the junkfoods in the diet. But in time you will crave for natural foods only. Its just the adjustment of the whole body and the tongue. When I cannot take in the foods because they are bitter or can’t find a recipe or if looking for a quick juice. I do blend my foods. These juices will awaken your senses, easier to digest and the nutrition is directly absorbed by your cells.
    Just a tip: the more you eat a certain food, the more your body and mind crave for it.
  5. Limit grocery shopping. When I shop I  go directly to veggies, fruits, meat sections, natural herbs (no deli products).
  6. Store natural foods in the fridge. No need to explain more. What your fridge has, you certainly get. I have no choice, there’s no junkies out there.
  7. I listen to my Body. It is important to listen to what your body needs. If you want this food go for it but limit. Some foods are bringing only bad effects to you. Be careful and listen how your body responds to it.
  8. Know Your Motivation and Stick to It! The question to ask is what is your purpose why you are ditching out the junkies. Is this for your health? To stay healthy? To grow old? It is important to constantly remind yourself of the best reason why you are not eating junkies anymore. And never ever be tempted to them again.  And you are doing yourself a favor. After all you can live without those ayt?


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