8 Proven Tips for a Glowing Healthy Skin

A glowing, fair skin is what all walks of life has always wanted to achieve. It makes you look younger and feel healthier inside and out. No matter how old or young you are, nothing makes you feel as wonderful as having a glowing or radiant skin.

If you’re one of those who really wish to have a naturally gorgeous complexion, you’re in the right place. Follow these proven tips to nurture and protect your skin so it looks amazing and glowing.

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Avoid Long Steamy Showers

It may feel great but it’s one of the worst things you can do for your skin is to take long steamy showers. Long, hot showers strip the skin of its moisture and wash away its protective oils. It also creates mild burn. So do a cooler bath and limit it to 10 minutes.

Drink an Extra Glass of Water

Water helps clear the toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes. It can also prevent dehydration, which can cause premature aging. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, add more if you’re active or live in a warm climate.

Exfoliate Every Day

Pores appear larger when they’re filled with oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and keratin, a protein that lives on the surface of the skin. To clear out the dirt, start exfoliating daily with applications of homemade scrub like loofah. It help keep ingrown hairs and daily skin under control like removing dead skin cells. You can then use a cleansing system like Soniclear to soften, soften and clear the dead surface cells.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Your hands are a magnet of dirt and germs. Every time you press your pimple, it causes inflammation and distress to the skin. Bacteria is pushed deep inside the pore that may cause acne, discoloration and scarring. It is advisable to use headphones or a headset when speaking over the phone.

Change Your Moisturizer Every Season

When the seasons change, you should also change your facial moisturizer. Your skin needs more moisture during winter so you should use heavier cream. While during summer, you need to use lighter ones. You may also choose for a moisturizer that fits every season. Tip: the moisturizer that works well on that is really hard to find.

Get Rid of Excess Oil

There are dirt and excess oil that can’t be removed through plain water and soap that’s why Toner is invented. Don’t use pressed powder which actually contain oil as an ingredient.

Don’t Neglect Your Neck and Chest

Most of us never include our neck and chest but it’s very wrong. Our neglected neck and chest may effect into wrinkling, sagging, and displaying dark spots.  Use the same products as you would on your face.

Choose Cosmetics/Skin Care Carefully

It is important to know whether the products we use meet ethical standards and is naturally healthy. According to the Organic Consumers Association, many ingredients common in every day cosmetics are harmful to people and the environment. When you’re shopping, look for the official certified organic seal. These products are sure free from metals and chemicals. Most of the organic skin care products also contain healing properties and are more likely to increase regeneration in skin tissue.

For a glowing skin, it’s not only what you put on your skin. It’s also to what you put inside, both food and thoughts. So follow the tips I stated above, eat healthy, think Healthy and Positive and most importantly, choose organic!

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