Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


There are several benefits of drinking lemon water. Lemon is known to have a therapeutic property while colas, iced teas and other soft drinks might be so tempting in a thirst quenching instants,  the sugar and calories it contains is not a good thing to indulge. One of the alternatives to thirst quenching drinks is lemon water which has less than 25 calories in a glass and most of all it is beneficial to health.

Water is best for the human body, plus a squeeze and juice drops of fresh lemon would make it more tasty and appealing to anyone’s taste buds. The combination of the two ingredients alkalizes the body and eliminates toxins. Drinking lemon water regularly gives off vitamin C, potassium, pectin fiber and calcium. It balances the pH levels in the body. The systems in our body are dependent on water for it to function properly.

Drinking lemon water is best in the first thing in morning and last thing to do at night. To an athlete, this is the best means of rehydrating after a workout because lemon water provides the hydration needed. It boosts the immune system, helps the digestive system, assists with iron absorption, conditions and clenches the liver, purifies the blood, cures common cold, reduces phlegm, strengthens the brain, freshens breath, aids in the production of digestive juices, dissolves uric acid.

The extreme benefits of drinking lemon water could possibly give hope to people who are suffering from health problems. People with poor health condition will not like the life they have, so as early as now, everyone should find ways to prevent diseases brought by any circumstances. Health is wealth but it can make someone poor by spending almost all of the time, effort and money consulting physicians.

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