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Organic Meal Kits: Instant Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping All In One

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Have you heard about organic meal kits before? Well, meal kits are like online recipe applications mix of meal planning, grocery shopping and recipe discovery pooled in one. This has become a growing trend to health conscious and picky consumers nowadays.

How does Meal Kits Work

  • First, a certain Meal Kit Service will provide different healthy recipes online through their site.
  • Second, you select and order the organic ingredients of the recipe you like,
  • Third, they deliver the ingredients to you fresh from local farms,
  • And lastly, you will cook a delicious organic meal that’s easy to prepare out from the ingredients you ordered.

How Does  Organic Meal Kits Wo

If you try to view an online meal kit service, in every kit they posted on their sites for their valued customers, it contains all healthy meals with its corresponding organic ingredients you need to prepare for your family and loved ones.

With lots of recipes they provide, you’ll learn new delicious recipes that are easy to follow and cook not worrying about the ingredients and procedures. So once you’re done choosing the recipe you want to prepare from their site, you can just select the ingredients you need and order them from the organic meal kit services you’ve accesses on. By just one click, all the organic ingredients you need will be delivered to you fresh from trusted and safe resources.

Like the concept of a menu in every restaurants, every organic meals are priced individually and are shown on the monthly menu. So as a customer, you’ll know how much you’ll pay when you select the said recipe and its ingredients. Less-hassle right?

What’s Good about Organic Meal KitsBlueApronIngredients

Organic Meal Kits provides convenience and help consumers save more time in meal planning and cooking. This is just right for people who loves to cook but don’t have enough time to plan on what to cook daily but willing to expend just to grab the accessibility of having instant meal planning and grocery shopping done for them. What a relief!

Organic Meal Kits are not just intended for busy people, this is also helpful for those who live far from grocery stores and mostly, for dieters. Do you know what makes meal kits useful to dieters? The meals that you are going to order in a meal kit are already portion-controlled wherein, it will help maintain your figure and healthy lifestyle at the same time, no food and ingredients will be wasted. So it’s indeed, worth paying for.

Organic Meal Kit Services

There are actually trusted Meal Kit Services that become popular today because lots of consumers have tried their services and become happily satisfied. To name some of them, they are Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Be Fresh and Plated. For more information about their services and the prices they offered for each healthy recipes, you can simply visit their site.

So what are waiting for? Go organic while being on the trend. Try this organic meal kit now and experience a blast of fun cooking techniques flavored with unique organic ingredients!

Happy cooking! Xoxo!

Counting Chemical Additives: New Weight-Loss Technique Advised by Doctors


Over the course of time, people have become aware that in order to maintain a healthy and fit body, we need to be watchful of the food sizes and amount of calories we consume daily. Even experts recommend this technique to us for several times.

I’m pretty sure you’re still avoiding those weight spoilers until now. But did you know that aside from bad calories, we also need to take into consideration the chemical additives on our foods? Yes, the food we eat has numerous chemicals specifically processed and manufactured foods.Mid adult woman measuring her waist


This might sound scary, but do you have any idea what are those chemicals doing in our body every time we consume and digest them? So alarming right?

Try to imagine your favorite food and you’ve just discovered that it contains chemicals/preservatives/colorings bad for your health and even the main cause of providing you excess weight. Are you willing to take another bite?

You might be cogitating right now, thinking why those chemicals are produced if it’s bad for human’s health. Actually, they are being produced and manufactured for some reasons.


One of which is chemicals can enhance the appearance of a certain food (e.g. coloring, flavorings, growth-booster, etc.). Some foods also comprises with sweeteners as it could help enhance the taste of the food and magnetized consumers to eat more of the product and preservatives to make the food last longer.

We might be blind about this fact but it’s not yet too late to include chemical additives in our “What to Avoid” list in our diet plan. According to a weight-loss doctor, Sally Norton, M.D who shared her thoughts on a related article,

“We aren’t paying attention to the other stuff in our food – the excess fat and sugar, and – one thing that is so often ignored – the chemicals.”

This is really true and I know, most of us are guilty about this. We are too focused on counting ‘calories’ not knowing that there are more important things to consider when losing weight – chemicals.


So how do we avoid bad chemicals in our foods?

Instead of buying canned goods, foods in a box and bags, Dr. Sally advised that we must load whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. So if we want to stay healthy, slim, fit, fab and sexy, we must start counting chemical additives listed on the nutrition facts of the foods we want to buy. And most of all, stay organic! Non-organic foods have a lot of pesticides that can harm one’s health.

The key to a healthy weight should begin on how you avoid food chemicals. Be more conscious with the chemicals rather than calorie count.



Doctor’s Choice Probiotic Supplement: The Answer to Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers

Like any typical persons who has no control over food indulgence, I also got Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sometimes. But this time, I wondered why it took so long for me to recover from IBS and been suffering now for almost a month. This gut disorder really impede my daily life, appetite and it makes me sick day by day.

I already consulted this recurring health condition to my doctor but it seems, the medication I’ve been taking didn’t make me feel even better and got no improvement. I’m really worried about my condition. My daily routine is affected, so as my work.

Great thing, my co-worker was concerned so she told me to try this Doctor’s Choice’s Probiotic Supplement. She said that it’s guaranteed effective for indigestion (gas, bloating, loose stools, diarrhea, slow bowel), and also intended for immune support.11272198_10206860842025535_681821523_n

At first, I was really hesitant to try the said probiotic supplement due to lack of confidence to take it and I’m also honestly afraid that I might suffer side effects. But because I was convinced by my co-employee when she shared that her family is using this Doctor’s Choice products for months already, I ordered one so I can prove it for myself and I want to be well as soon as possible. There’s no harm in trying anyway.

When I got my order after 10 days of shipment, funny I looked at that day when I received my order for I appeared like a kid, excited to open the package. As I carefully read the product description so as the directions on how to take it, I was certainly flabbergasted discovering that the product has it all! I mean ALL IN ONE.


Aside from it’s  100% natural made, the probiotic seems to act like the good bacteria essential for digestive, immune and metabolic systems wherein it produce enzymes that digest food, regulate vitamin, produce nutrients and it also helps to improve digestive strength, mood, speed fat loss & reduce allergies.

When I started to take the supplement once a day, I felt the improvements for just a couple of days. Seriously, I did really spot the difference that fast. I’m so amazed and delighted with Doctor’s Choice’s Probiotic Supplement! I feel better now and I feel like I’ve become more energetic this time. I also observed that the unnecessary fats hanging on my belly are slowly fading. What I love the most that the probiotic supplement ever help is my appetite strikes back to its normal phase where ‘the foodie me’ returns.

I’m really thankful to my co-worker for the big help. Without her, I might still be suffering from IBS right now and would be bad-tempered the whole day.

Right now, after a month when I bought the supplement and fully recovered from IBS, I’m still taking it as my maintenance dose to boost my health.