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10 Organic Foods to Improve Eyesight

10 Organic Foods to Improve Eyesight

Did you know that aside from aging, our eyes will be greatly affected due to our lifestyle? No wonder that even youngsters these days are wearing eye glasses, contact lenses and other eyesight enhancer tools to aid their problematic vision.

Since people of today are highly attached to hi-technologies like smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets, whether at home, school or work, spending long hours on those things can really cause eye strains/problems such as dry eyes, eye strain and other permanent vision damage.

Due to the said devastating results, it is better that as early as now, we find ways on how to prevent eyesight issues. So to start with, let’s try to check our daily routine. Since we eat 3 times a day excluding snacks, we can simply begin with preparing organic and healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that are good for the eyes.

To help you pick what’s best organic foods that could provide the optimum vitamins and nutrients intended for our eyes, check our list below:

Organic Foods that are Best for the Eyes


  1. Carrots
  • Carrots have beta-carotene, vitamin A and can help our retina and other parts of the eye to function efficiently. It also stimulate eye health and guard our vision. Aside from carrots, squash and other orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are good for the eyes.

black currant in isolation

  1. Black Currant
  • Black Currants contains antioxidant anthocyanins. It’s one of the fruits that can nourish our eyes because it’s better than lutein, zeaxanthin or bilberry.


  1. Green Leafy Vegetables (Such as Kale and Spinach)
  • Green veggies contain antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that can support to lower the risk of growing macular degeneration and cataracts.


  1. Bilberries
  • Bilberries (relative of blueberries) contain anthocyanins and particular for preventing macular degeneration.


  1. Organic Egg Yolks
  • Egg Yolks is under the lutein-rich foods. It is advisable that we must take raw organic egg yolks as each egg yolk contains 0.25 mg of lutein and zeaxanthin. The more you take organic and raw egg yolks, the better than those being cooked. Eggs also contain zinc which helps to reduce macular degeneration risk.


  1. Almonds
  • Almonds contain vitamin E which helps to slow the development of macular degeneration.



  1. Fatty Fish
  • Fatty fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Anchovies, Mackerel and Trout are rich in DHA, a fatty found in your retina.


  1. Avocados
  • Avocados are one of the sources for lutein which is a protection against cataracts and macular degeneration.


  1. Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes are known for the lycopene (active when cooked) it contain which helps to lessen the onset of age-related macular degeneration.



  1. Red Peppers
  • Red peppers contain vitamin C just like oranges. As we all know, vitamin C decreases the risk of the growing cataracts and can help to minimize the growth of visual acuity loss.


If you’re one of those who suffered from eyesight problems, better consult first an ophthalmologist. Also practice to eat organic foods that are included on the list above and avoid spending too much time staring at bright screens out from your gadgets.

Organic Coconut Oil: Effective Prevention and Remedy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Organic Coconut Oil- Effective Prevention

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

According to experts, “Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline.” It is also the most common type of dementia that can cause problems with thinking and behavior.

I know all of us has a great fear of acquiring such kind of disease when we get old, but we can actually prevent it as early as now.

organiclivingchic.comAlzheimers is not a normal stage and part of aging. There are elders who gets older but still maintain their sharp memories. Somehow, the ailments we acquire depends to the activities we do, and of course, to the foods we eat daily. In a nutshell, our lifestyle has a huge impact to our health.

In order to avoid or even cure abnormal protein clumps in our brain tissues (Alzheimer’s Disease), we must eat organic foods, vegetables and fruits. The most common prevention and natural remedy for it is the “Organic Coconut Oil”.

Organic Coconut Oil as Brain Food that Fights against Alzheimer’s Disease

Coconut Oil is free from cholesterol and trans-fat. It provides health benefits that enhance the health of our brains.

According to one of our reliable sources, the most suggested coconut oil that’s good for our health are those cold-pressed, non –hydrogenated, virgin coconut oil and mostly, organic.

Aside from the health benefits of coconut oil mentioned earlier, what makes it effective to prevent and cure Alzheimer’s Disease are the following:

  • It contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) – a primary source of ketone bodies (help restore and renew neurons. Ketone bodies also help nerve function in your brain even after damage occurred.) In this case, you need two tablespoons of coconut oil per day to supply the needed 20 grams of MCT Therapeutic level in your body.
  • It acts as an antioxidant and natural antibiotic
  • It contains unique combination of fatty acids with medical properties
  • It helps improve cholesterol by increasing the good cholesterol (HDL)
  • It helps to boost thyroid function which helps to increase our energy
  • It helps to develop the insulin use of our body

foods to avoid

Foods to Avoid:

  • Grains – can convert sugar in your body and may increase your insulin level
  • Soy – eating soy food products can affect brain function. (Example: Tofu can intensify brain aging).
  • Sugars (Fructose) – too much sugar and grain consumption can initiate insulin resistance (one of the most persistent motivations on brain damage)
  • Artificial Sweeteners – can destroy brain cells specifically the ‘aspartame’.

Aside from being an Alzheimer’s Disease prevention and treatment product, coconut oil can also help to burn more fats, increase your energy, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi through its Lauric Acid, that can kill hunger and make you eat less, it can also improve blood cholesterol and help to lower your risk of heart disease, make your skin more moisturized, can help whiten your teeth and it may also protect hair against damage.

There are lots of health benefits we can get out of a certain organic Coconut. Aside from its oil, the coconut’s water, milk and other parts are useful too! You just need to love consuming it and surely, you’ll become one of those healthy people going organic. :)

Ready-To-Eat Organic Salad Kits: Newly Launched Products by Earthbound Farm  

Are you an organic aficionado who’s picky and careful to the foods you purchase? Well, if you are, I have a good news for you! Earthbound Farm launched their new organic ready-to-eat foods, salads and other products made 100% organic.

All about Earthbound Farm

To give you an idea about the Earthbound Farm, it’s one of the leading organic food company that produces fresh, organic, healthy and delicious food products where the founders came from California’s Carmel Valley in 1984. The company is based in San Juan Bautista, California.

They were also the first company to effectively launch prewashed, packaged salad for retail sale, helping introduce Spring Mix to restaurants and supermarket produce aisles in 1986. Nowadays, packaged salads and gourmet green salads have become known to market shoppers and organic lovers.

The products of Earthbound Farm are also perfect for hangouts, picnics, and other celebrations held outside anytime you want (breakfast, lunch and dinner) since it’s in a form of a salad kit, so the salads are safely packed containing nutritious, ready-to-eat, healthy and tasty meal.

If you love organic salads filled with balanced nutrition, you better try their latest organic products! :)

New Products: Organic Salad Kits

They recently launched three different delicious salad kits namely, “Organic Kale Caesar Salad Kit”, “Organic Sun-Washed Mediterranean Salad Kit” and “Organic Garden Party Salad Kit”.Kale-Caesar_512sq-product2

*Organic Kale Caesar Salad Kit


  • baby kale
  • cabbage
  • shredded carrots
  • topped with sunflower seeds
  • Parmesan cheese
  • multigrain croutons
  • spicy light Caesar dressing.


*Organic Sun-Washed Mediterranean Salad KitSun-washed-Mediterranean_512sq-product


  • spinach
  • arugula
  • radicchio
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • crunchy roasted chickpeas
  • crumbled feta cheese
  • Greek dressing with sun-dried tomatoes


*Organic Garden Party Salad Kit


  • spring mixGarden-Party-Salad_512sq-product
  • Asian greens
  • dried blueberries
  • cranberries
  • sunflower seeds
  • feta cheese
  • bright raspberry vinaigrette

For more detailed information about the organic salad kits mentioned above, you can also visit Earthbound Farm’s website.

Lots of satisfied customers have been talking about these flavorful salad kits and they’ve love the PowerMeal Bowls as it add energy that also nourish your body and may boost your appetite for healthy eating.

Make your food preparation easy to manage and saves time as well! :) Salad kits produced by Earthbound Farm are not just only nutritious and organically made, it’s also helps you consume foods with balance nutrition that are ready-to-eat, so less hassle.

And oh by the way, speaking of kits, you can also check this Organic Meal Kits that can also help you make an instant meal plan and grocery shopping all in one! Go here.

Organic Guava: The Powerhouse of Nutrients and the Remedy for Common Illness

organic guava

Did you know that aside from humans and animals, there are also king and queen of fruits? Yes, you read it right and the fruit I’m referring to as the “Queen of Fruits” is what we called “Guava” or also known as Psidium guajava which exists throughout Asian Countries, India, Northern South America, Central America and in Mexico.

Guava Fruits came from a small tree in the Myrtle family or called as Myrtaceae. The leaves of a Guava tree has also health benefits especially the Guava Leaf Extract which could treat diarrhea, help to control diabetes, improve heart and oral health and a lot more.

If Pineapple is the King, Guava is the Queen of Fruits. :)

You might wonder why Guava is known as the Queen of Fruits, that’s because there’s a crown-shaped opening found at the bottom of the fruit. And they said, there’s a legend story behind the fruit about the origin of why it wears a crown.

For those who are not familiar with Guava, it is a tropical fruit that is pear-shaped and its size is like an average-sized orange or apple. Its color depends to its type which varies from yellow to green (outside), white and pink to dark red (inside), but mostly, its outer color appears to be yellow-green. Aside from its shape and color, Guava has unique juicy taste and rich in flavor especially when it’s organic and you’ve eaten it raw. When you try to freshly pick it from its tree, you’ll also smell its intense sweet exquisite aroma and surely, you’ll love it.

Nutrition Gained from Eating Guava

Guava is a powerhouse of nutrients in which through a single bite, you can immediately absorb various nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Dietary Fiber, Lycopene, Potassium, B-Complex (Vitamin B-6, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and more). Guava is also said to be abundant in minerals, antioxidant poly-phenolic, low in calories and fats, and it is also recognized to be a prevention of aging, infections, cancers and an immunity-booster.

Kinds of Diseases that Guava Can Cure

Aside from health benefits I’ve mentioned above, Guava is also an effective remedy for diabetes, common cough and cold, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, skin care, weight loss, scurvy, and high blood pressure.

Guava is good for those who has diabetes because according to Chinese medicine, the juice of the Guava fruit can reduce sugar levels and it’s rich in fiber content and has low glycemic index.

Another thing is it’s also good for treating constipation because it is rich in fiber that aids to reimbursing the blocked pathways on some of your digestive parts.

Guava is also effective for weight loss due to the vitamins, fiber, minerals and protein it contains. It’s also low in sugar (as mentioned earlier about helping to control diabetes) unlike to other fruits we’re eating. Aside from that, once you eat Guava, you can feel that it satisfies your appetite that you no longer want to eat other kind of foods or fruits due to a lower number of carbohydrates it comprises.

Aside from what I’ve shared above, there are actually lots of health benefits you can get from a Guava fruit and you can find it to other resources. If you wish to visit to our other page and discover something related to some organic stuff aside from Organic Guava Fruit, you can go here.

Though Guava is not yet popular to some countries particularly in U.S, I believe that the fruit is slowly creating its own name to other parts of the world due to the numerous health benefits we can gain from its fruits, leaves, and more.

Nature Republic’s Real Nature Mask Sheet (Green Tea) Review

My Cool Experience with the Facial Mask

11428572_1085315641498449_286310896_nWhen I got home after buying Nature Republic’s Real Nature Mask Sheet, I immediately put the facial mask on our fridge and let it get quite cold.

You might be wondering why I kept it on our refrigerator, actually my friend shared an advice that in order for me to enjoy the facial mask’s relaxing touch on my face, I can have it cold.

Before I use the mask sheet, I first washed my face with soap and water. When I opened the pouch and carefully pull out the mask, a natural fragrance of green tea diffuses around and smells like sweet cologne. I love its fragrance! Not irritating to my nose.

When I gradually place the Green Tea Real Nature Mask Sheet on my face, I feel so comfortable, calm and fresh. It’s one of the best stress relievers I’ve ever tried! All of my stress were gone and it lulls me to sleep due to its magical touch.

That was a night of rejuvenation indeed!

Although it says in the instruction that I can remove the facial mask after 10 to 20 minutes, I still didn’t remove it until I sleep for better abortion of the green tea extract. I believe, it won’t cause allergic reactions to my face since it’s made naturally with organic ingredients. It’s 100% safe and effective.11419843_1087531414610205_1356785118_n

The Moisturizing Result

After I woke up in the morning, I immediately asked my family at home of what they can observe with my face. They said that my face looks lightened and moisturized.

And because of the cool feeling and compliment I received that morning, I started my day so right going to work with a sparkling smile on my face! I was blissful and delighted.

Thanks to K-Style Korean Shop for the Green Tea Real Nature Mask Sheet! That was really a great experience on my part. I now feel young and fresh looking the whole day. :)

The Honest Company of Jessica Alba: An Ideal Business for Organic Alternatives

The Honest Company of Jessica Alba- An

One of the famous Hollywood stars, Jessica Alba made a difference when she turned to be a successful mogul at her young age.

Out from the expectations of everybody, she earned much not relying on her acting career but instead, she made it from a diverse field, which is in the world of business. Unlike some phenomenon stars in this generation where they truly become affluent on their chosen field, Jessica goes into business as she wanted to make a huge difference in helping parents to patronize products that are free from chemicals and promote awareness that there are discovered links to an occurrence of genetic changes, particularly the growing rate of “autism” today due to the exposure of toxins coming from the environment.

Because of the undying issue, Jessica become firm on her aim in saving the world and preserving people’s health not caring about spending billions of dollars. During in a conference room surveying the open-plan company floor, she determinedly said,

“If we really want to make a difference in the world and people’s health, it is billions and billions of dollars, not just one.”

Behind ‘The Honest Company’

The company cofounder, Jessica Alba and her trusted team put up The Honest Company because of a foremost reason which to sell alternative goods to parents so they could avoid utilizing products filled with chemicals.

In a nutshell, they are selling ORGANIC products that are safe to use by parents, women, babies and by everyone else. For the information of everybody, The Honest Company is said to be a trusted source of baby products today as they made their products with style, safe to use and eco-friendly. As Jessica is now captivated by a box of tampons, they are also launching an “all-organic cotton and plant-based polymer and bio-plastic applicator” in July, the new Honest’s feminine care line aims to protect women’s hormones from tampon’s plastic content.

The Idea of the

Regarding where did Jessica and her team got the idea of establishing the company, she shared in a famous magazine issue that “The Honest Company was inspired by a need that wasn’t being filled”.

The need that wasn’t being filled she meant in her striking statement has something to do with her experience when she was still a baby having allergic reactions and asthma when her mother used typical brand of baby detergent.

Due to her past experience, Jessica was alarmed and worried that her baby might encounter the same sufferings. So what she did then was she had thorough research about detergent contents and discovered that there are household products on her kitchen sink and bathroom cabinet containing hazardous chemicals that are totally unsafe to use, especially for babies.

The Next America’s Riches Self-Made Women

As Jessica cofounded the company for an amount of $1 Billion and $200 Million Fortune, it became a huge headline around the world and to social media on how she build the company by simply selling parents peace of mind.

According to a trusted source who is knowledgeable about Jessica’s investment, she’s going to earn a spot on “FORBES’ America’s Richest Self-Made Women”.

With the enormous success of The Honest Company having 120 toxic-free products and $150 million revenues, Jessica remain humble as she shared her past experiences before she achieved such achievement on the business industry. She said that it’s all about “details and hard work”. Because of that, she now spends 86 hours managing a marketing institution and developing company’s brand that will sustain the increasing demand for safe, organic, toxic-free and premium-priced products.

The Honest Company: A Solution to Minimize Autism’s Increasing Rate

To determine the associations between autism and household chemicals, Dr. Philip Landrigan, one of the epidemiologists under Children’s’ Environmental Health Center tests a baby’s teeth to find out how does autism occur knowing that genetic changes doesn’t occur rapidly, but instead, it has something to with the environment.

As Dr. Landrigan and his team did some further research, blood testing, examinations, and analyze chemicals, the study revealed that “exposure to certain toxins during fetal development affects the incidence of autism and intellectual disability.”

Due to the said findings, Jessica become more determined to make their own products aiming to solve the issue by selling organic, non-toxic and safe product to parents through The Honest Company. If you’re interested about their products, you may visit here.

Jessica has really the heart and passion to help not just her family but all the people around the world with no exceptions. She’s undeniably a good role model to every woman seeking for a healthy living that’s free from toxins and diseases. Indeed, just like Jessica’s main goal, we should CHOOSE ORGANIC and live a healthy life!

Organic Meal Kits: Instant Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping All In One

Organic Meal Kits Image

Have you heard about organic meal kits before? Well, meal kits are like online recipe applications mix of meal planning, grocery shopping and recipe discovery pooled in one. This has become a growing trend to health conscious and picky consumers nowadays.

How does Meal Kits Work

  • First, a certain Meal Kit Service will provide different healthy recipes online through their site.
  • Second, you select and order the organic ingredients of the recipe you like,
  • Third, they deliver the ingredients to you fresh from local farms,
  • And lastly, you will cook a delicious organic meal that’s easy to prepare out from the ingredients you ordered.

How Does  Organic Meal Kits Wo

If you try to view an online meal kit service, in every kit they posted on their sites for their valued customers, it contains all healthy meals with its corresponding organic ingredients you need to prepare for your family and loved ones.

With lots of recipes they provide, you’ll learn new delicious recipes that are easy to follow and cook not worrying about the ingredients and procedures. So once you’re done choosing the recipe you want to prepare from their site, you can just select the ingredients you need and order them from the organic meal kit services you’ve accesses on. By just one click, all the organic ingredients you need will be delivered to you fresh from trusted and safe resources.

Like the concept of a menu in every restaurants, every organic meals are priced individually and are shown on the monthly menu. So as a customer, you’ll know how much you’ll pay when you select the said recipe and its ingredients. Less-hassle right?

What’s Good about Organic Meal KitsBlueApronIngredients

Organic Meal Kits provides convenience and help consumers save more time in meal planning and cooking. This is just right for people who loves to cook but don’t have enough time to plan on what to cook daily but willing to expend just to grab the accessibility of having instant meal planning and grocery shopping done for them. What a relief!

Organic Meal Kits are not just intended for busy people, this is also helpful for those who live far from grocery stores and mostly, for dieters. Do you know what makes meal kits useful to dieters? The meals that you are going to order in a meal kit are already portion-controlled wherein, it will help maintain your figure and healthy lifestyle at the same time, no food and ingredients will be wasted. So it’s indeed, worth paying for.

Organic Meal Kit Services

There are actually trusted Meal Kit Services that become popular today because lots of consumers have tried their services and become happily satisfied. To name some of them, they are Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Be Fresh and Plated. For more information about their services and the prices they offered for each healthy recipes, you can simply visit their site.

So what are waiting for? Go organic while being on the trend. Try this organic meal kit now and experience a blast of fun cooking techniques flavored with unique organic ingredients!

Happy cooking! Xoxo!

Counting Chemical Additives: New Weight-Loss Technique Advised by Doctors


Over the course of time, people have become aware that in order to maintain a healthy and fit body, we need to be watchful of the food sizes and amount of calories we consume daily. Even experts recommend this technique to us for several times.

I’m pretty sure you’re still avoiding those weight spoilers until now. But did you know that aside from bad calories, we also need to take into consideration the chemical additives on our foods? Yes, the food we eat has numerous chemicals specifically processed and manufactured foods.Mid adult woman measuring her waist


This might sound scary, but do you have any idea what are those chemicals doing in our body every time we consume and digest them? So alarming right?

Try to imagine your favorite food and you’ve just discovered that it contains chemicals/preservatives/colorings bad for your health and even the main cause of providing you excess weight. Are you willing to take another bite?

You might be cogitating right now, thinking why those chemicals are produced if it’s bad for human’s health. Actually, they are being produced and manufactured for some reasons.


One of which is chemicals can enhance the appearance of a certain food (e.g. coloring, flavorings, growth-booster, etc.). Some foods also comprises with sweeteners as it could help enhance the taste of the food and magnetized consumers to eat more of the product and preservatives to make the food last longer.

We might be blind about this fact but it’s not yet too late to include chemical additives in our “What to Avoid” list in our diet plan. According to a weight-loss doctor, Sally Norton, M.D who shared her thoughts on a related article,

“We aren’t paying attention to the other stuff in our food – the excess fat and sugar, and – one thing that is so often ignored – the chemicals.”

This is really true and I know, most of us are guilty about this. We are too focused on counting ‘calories’ not knowing that there are more important things to consider when losing weight – chemicals.


So how do we avoid bad chemicals in our foods?

Instead of buying canned goods, foods in a box and bags, Dr. Sally advised that we must load whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. So if we want to stay healthy, slim, fit, fab and sexy, we must start counting chemical additives listed on the nutrition facts of the foods we want to buy. And most of all, stay organic! Non-organic foods have a lot of pesticides that can harm one’s health.

The key to a healthy weight should begin on how you avoid food chemicals. Be more conscious with the chemicals rather than calorie count.



Doctor’s Choice Probiotic Supplement: The Answer to Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers

Like any typical persons who has no control over food indulgence, I also got Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sometimes. But this time, I wondered why it took so long for me to recover from IBS and been suffering now for almost a month. This gut disorder really impede my daily life, appetite and it makes me sick day by day.

I already consulted this recurring health condition to my doctor but it seems, the medication I’ve been taking didn’t make me feel even better and got no improvement. I’m really worried about my condition. My daily routine is affected, so as my work.

Great thing, my co-worker was concerned so she told me to try this Doctor’s Choice’s Probiotic Supplement. She said that it’s guaranteed effective for indigestion (gas, bloating, loose stools, diarrhea, slow bowel), and also intended for immune support.11272198_10206860842025535_681821523_n

At first, I was really hesitant to try the said probiotic supplement due to lack of confidence to take it and I’m also honestly afraid that I might suffer side effects. But because I was convinced by my co-employee when she shared that her family is using this Doctor’s Choice products for months already, I ordered one so I can prove it for myself and I want to be well as soon as possible. There’s no harm in trying anyway.

When I got my order after 10 days of shipment, funny I looked at that day when I received my order for I appeared like a kid, excited to open the package. As I carefully read the product description so as the directions on how to take it, I was certainly flabbergasted discovering that the product has it all! I mean ALL IN ONE.


Aside from it’s  100% natural made, the probiotic seems to act like the good bacteria essential for digestive, immune and metabolic systems wherein it produce enzymes that digest food, regulate vitamin, produce nutrients and it also helps to improve digestive strength, mood, speed fat loss & reduce allergies.

When I started to take the supplement once a day, I felt the improvements for just a couple of days. Seriously, I did really spot the difference that fast. I’m so amazed and delighted with Doctor’s Choice’s Probiotic Supplement! I feel better now and I feel like I’ve become more energetic this time. I also observed that the unnecessary fats hanging on my belly are slowly fading. What I love the most that the probiotic supplement ever help is my appetite strikes back to its normal phase where ‘the foodie me’ returns.

I’m really thankful to my co-worker for the big help. Without her, I might still be suffering from IBS right now and would be bad-tempered the whole day.

Right now, after a month when I bought the supplement and fully recovered from IBS, I’m still taking it as my maintenance dose to boost my health.


List of Genetically Modified Foods You Should Start Avoiding Now!

List of Genetically Modified Foods You Should Start Avoiding Now!, genetically modified foods, organic living chic, gmo, organic foods

For a long period of time now, the debate whether GMOs are safe or dangerous for consumption seems to be never-ending.

Some countries like United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China, and among others, allow GMO crops. On the other hand, there are also numerous countries that completely ban GMOs believing that those food could put their health at risk and instead, they strengthen their advocacy to going organic. To name a few, those are Russia, Switzerland, Australia, France, Germany, Greece, and Mexico. Because of the popping issues these days having diverse views and results of studies, people can get confused of what’s really true about GMOs.

Although some online ads from pro-GMOs tries to convince people that biotech foods are actually safe, they still couldn’t conceal the huge fact that those kinds of crops can bring harmful effects to health. To prove that GMO’s are unsafe to eat, here are some important information we’ve collected from Collective Evolution (CE) Article in which they also retrieved from numerous studies:

  1. Multiple Toxins From GMOs Detected In Maternal and Fetal Blood
  2. DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them
  3. New Study Links GMOs To Gluten Disorders That Affect 18 Million Americans
  4. Study Links Genetically Modified Corn to Rat Tumors
  5. Glyphosate Induces Human Breast Cancer Cells Growth via Estrogen Receptors
  6. lyphosate Linked To Birth Defects
  7. Study Links Glyphosate To Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  8. Chronically Ill Humans Have Higher Glyphosate Levels Than Healthy Humans
  9. Studies Link GMO Animal Feed to Severe Stomach Inflammation and Enlarged Uteri in Pigs
  10. GMO risk assessment is based on very little scientific evidence in the sense that the testing methods recommended are not adequate to ensure safety.

Here, you will find these specific foods that are being altered with DNA of bacteria, viruses, plants and animals through genetic engineering techniques, the list will help you decide for your own sake so you’ll be extra cautious with your food choices:

List of Genetically Modified Foods, table, organic living chic, gmo, gmo table, avoid this foods, organic living chic

Believe or not, almost all of the foods you consume are being altered with different genes to enhance its appearance, size and expands its life. You might be shocked this time but the best way you can do is avoid GMO foods and choose ORGANIC instead. As the common reminder goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is a classic reminder but proves to be sensible every single time.

So while it’s not yet too late, be watchful now of what you buy in the market and read informative articles related to GMOs that may help you distinguish on How Do You Know if Your Food is Conventional, GMO or Organic.

If you wish to know more about what GMO is really all about, feel free to visit our site and you may read: OMG! What is GMO? The Meaning of GMO Debunked! Get the Right Info Here!



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