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Nature Republic’s Real Nature Mask Sheet (Green Tea) Review

My Cool Experience with the Facial Mask

11428572_1085315641498449_286310896_nWhen I got home after buying Nature Republic’s Real Nature Mask Sheet, I immediately put the facial mask on our fridge and let it get quite cold.

You might be wondering why I kept it on our refrigerator, actually my friend shared an advice that in order for me to enjoy the facial mask’s relaxing touch on my face, I can have it cold.

Before I use the mask sheet, I first washed my face with soap and water. When I opened the pouch and carefully pull out the mask, a natural fragrance of green tea diffuses around and smells like sweet cologne. I love its fragrance! Not irritating to my nose.

When I gradually place the Green Tea Real Nature Mask Sheet on my face, I feel so comfortable, calm and fresh. It’s one of the best stress relievers I’ve ever tried! All of my stress were gone and it lulls me to sleep due to its magical touch.

That was a night of rejuvenation indeed!

Although it says in the instruction that I can remove the facial mask after 10 to 20 minutes, I still didn’t remove it until I sleep for better abortion of the green tea extract. I believe, it won’t cause allergic reactions to my face since it’s made naturally with organic ingredients. It’s 100% safe and effective.11419843_1087531414610205_1356785118_n

The Moisturizing Result

After I woke up in the morning, I immediately asked my family at home of what they can observe with my face. They said that my face looks lightened and moisturized.

And because of the cool feeling and compliment I received that morning, I started my day so right going to work with a sparkling smile on my face! I was blissful and delighted.

Thanks to K-Style Korean Shop for the Green Tea Real Nature Mask Sheet! That was really a great experience on my part. I now feel young and fresh looking the whole day. :)

The Honest Company of Jessica Alba: An Ideal Business for Organic Alternatives

The Honest Company of Jessica Alba- An

One of the famous Hollywood stars, Jessica Alba made a difference when she turned to be a successful mogul at her young age.

Out from the expectations of everybody, she earned much not relying on her acting career but instead, she made it from a diverse field, which is in the world of business. Unlike some phenomenon stars in this generation where they truly become affluent on their chosen field, Jessica goes into business as she wanted to make a huge difference in helping parents to patronize products that are free from chemicals and promote awareness that there are discovered links to an occurrence of genetic changes, particularly the growing rate of “autism” today due to the exposure of toxins coming from the environment.

Because of the undying issue, Jessica become firm on her aim in saving the world and preserving people’s health not caring about spending billions of dollars. During in a conference room surveying the open-plan company floor, she determinedly said,

“If we really want to make a difference in the world and people’s health, it is billions and billions of dollars, not just one.”

Behind ‘The Honest Company’

The company cofounder, Jessica Alba and her trusted team put up The Honest Company because of a foremost reason which to sell alternative goods to parents so they could avoid utilizing products filled with chemicals.

In a nutshell, they are selling ORGANIC products that are safe to use by parents, women, babies and by everyone else. For the information of everybody, The Honest Company is said to be a trusted source of baby products today as they made their products with style, safe to use and eco-friendly. As Jessica is now captivated by a box of tampons, they are also launching an “all-organic cotton and plant-based polymer and bio-plastic applicator” in July, the new Honest’s feminine care line aims to protect women’s hormones from tampon’s plastic content.

The Idea of the

Regarding where did Jessica and her team got the idea of establishing the company, she shared in a famous magazine issue that “The Honest Company was inspired by a need that wasn’t being filled”.

The need that wasn’t being filled she meant in her striking statement has something to do with her experience when she was still a baby having allergic reactions and asthma when her mother used typical brand of baby detergent.

Due to her past experience, Jessica was alarmed and worried that her baby might encounter the same sufferings. So what she did then was she had thorough research about detergent contents and discovered that there are household products on her kitchen sink and bathroom cabinet containing hazardous chemicals that are totally unsafe to use, especially for babies.

The Next America’s Riches Self-Made Women

As Jessica cofounded the company for an amount of $1 Billion and $200 Million Fortune, it became a huge headline around the world and to social media on how she build the company by simply selling parents peace of mind.

According to a trusted source who is knowledgeable about Jessica’s investment, she’s going to earn a spot on “FORBES’ America’s Richest Self-Made Women”.

With the enormous success of The Honest Company having 120 toxic-free products and $150 million revenues, Jessica remain humble as she shared her past experiences before she achieved such achievement on the business industry. She said that it’s all about “details and hard work”. Because of that, she now spends 86 hours managing a marketing institution and developing company’s brand that will sustain the increasing demand for safe, organic, toxic-free and premium-priced products.

The Honest Company: A Solution to Minimize Autism’s Increasing Rate

To determine the associations between autism and household chemicals, Dr. Philip Landrigan, one of the epidemiologists under Children’s’ Environmental Health Center tests a baby’s teeth to find out how does autism occur knowing that genetic changes doesn’t occur rapidly, but instead, it has something to with the environment.

As Dr. Landrigan and his team did some further research, blood testing, examinations, and analyze chemicals, the study revealed that “exposure to certain toxins during fetal development affects the incidence of autism and intellectual disability.”

Due to the said findings, Jessica become more determined to make their own products aiming to solve the issue by selling organic, non-toxic and safe product to parents through The Honest Company. If you’re interested about their products, you may visit here.

Jessica has really the heart and passion to help not just her family but all the people around the world with no exceptions. She’s undeniably a good role model to every woman seeking for a healthy living that’s free from toxins and diseases. Indeed, just like Jessica’s main goal, we should CHOOSE ORGANIC and live a healthy life!

Top 5 Organic Items for Moms This Mother’s Day

Everyone knows that our lives would be topsy-turvy without our moms attending our needs (and wants sometimes). They are like superheroes that can do anything no matter how tough it could be just for their children and family.

It’s amazing to realize that they are also “Great Multitaskers” who can accomplish their responsibilities as a hands-on mother and wife at the same time for their husbands. With all the sacrifices they made and taxing role they get, they deserve to be treated special packed with tender, love and care. They deserve to be happy every day and mostly, during their special day – mother’s day!

Now that mother’s day is fast approaching, there’s one thing that’s common to us. And that is to make our mothers completely delighted, make them feel valued and loved. Surely that is at the top of everyone’s wish list on this upcoming special day.

If you’re currently out of Mother’s Day gift ideas, Organic Living Chic can help you with that!

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Don’t only stick to chocolates and flowers as a gift to your mom, you should give her what’s best and you know she will appreciate and will use daily. It should also be safe and have healthy benefits knowing that she’s no longer getting any younger.

So for the Mother’s Day gift ideas, here are the top organic items suited for her:

  1. Juice Beauty Age-Defying Skincare Products and Makeups0115-makeup-banner-956x2861

If your mother loves cosmetics and she’s also fond of applying skincare treatments, you can buy Juice Beauty’s organic products. Surely, she’ll be surprised and become very glad with the unexpected gift you will give to her.

To guide you on what product to buy, you can choose here and add it to your cart: Juice Beauty Organic Solutions Online Store.

organic basket

  1. A basket filled with Organic Fruits and Vegetables

If your mom is a health conscious one and who’s meticulous when it comes to maintaining her figure, you can give her organic fruits and veggies. She will definitely appreciate your present and certainly, will hug you tight for supporting her in her chosen healthy lifestyle.

To purchase a Organic Malibu Munch Deluxe Fruit Gift, go here.


  1. An Organic Mother’s Day Recipe

mom here's for you, Top 5 Organic Items for Moms This Mother’s Day, mother's day gift ideas, gift for mommy, mummas day present, organic gift for mothers, cheap, affordable, expensive mothers day gift, healthy mothers day giftWe do all have different kinds of mom, if your mother is a foodie type of person and loves to go for a food trip, you can surprise her by cooking your own organic recipe. So if you’re thinking what specific recipe to prepare, you can refer in Josie’s Organics’ Page.

Make her feel proud during Mother’s Day! She’ll surely be the happiest mom in the world when you let her taste some of your organic masterpiece recipes.


  1. Kitchen Item Innovations for Organic Foodsmom here's for you, Top 5 Organic Items for Moms This Mother’s Day, mother's day gift ideas, gift for mommy, mummas day present, organic gift for mothers, cheap, affordable, expensive mothers day gift, healthy mothers day gift

We all know that most moms spend more time in the kitchen preparing daily meals for their family. If your mom is one of them who loves to cook and bake, you can give her a fancy kitchen tool that you think will help her cook easily and conveniently and at the same time, will help beautify her favorite spot in your house.

One of the site which I know can offer you with fantastic kitchen items is The Fair Kitchen. Check out their useful kitchen stuff innovations!


  1. Grocery Bag made of Organic Cotton

mom here's for you, Top 5 Organic Items for Moms This Mother’s Day, mother's day gift ideas, gift for mommy, mummas day present, organic gift for mothers, cheap, affordable, expensive mothers day gift, healthy mothers day giftMoms usually don’t leave their house without any bag hanging on their shoulders. When they go to market or grocery shops, they make use of their bags to keep their groceries intact.

So if you’re planning to give your mom a bag that’s convenient to use and will help her easily carry those market stuff, I suggest, you try purchasing an eco-friendly bag made with organic cotton. And for that, you may visit Green Promos Direct page.



There are actually lots of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas you can think aside from what’s listed above. Price tags, sizes and brands don’t actually matter to them. What can truly touch their hearts is your presence, effort, the way you make them feel and everything you do for them must come from the bottom of your heart. That’s how you can make your mom very happy. Simple things means a lot to them!

Good luck to your gift hunting! :)


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Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC CREAM REVIEW: Enhances Sun-Kissed Glow Perfect for Summer

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream Review

Summer season magnifies its extreme hot power already, as a result applying sun rays protection is highly recommended these days.

As one of those skin-conscious individuals, I hate staying under the heat of the sun as it makes me feel like a helpless toasted chicken. And due to this weather condition, I constantly apply skincare products making sure that my skin will be protected using SPF 30 products.

Talking about skincare products, the one that I lay my trust on is the Juice Beauty, Organic Solution. Yes, you read it right, it’s literally an organic solution suited to any skin types. Juice Beauty products are made with organic and natural ingredients which will bring safest and satisfying result to your skin. And I guarantee that!

before and after Juice Beauty

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now and it keeps me feel glowing and happy. For now, I’m currently using Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cc Cream. This cream helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and targets blemishes. This also enhances a natural, sun-kissed glow on your skin which is ideal to all skin types.

Inserting it on my daily routine, I am using this every day before heading to my workplace. Applying it constantly, I observed that my face become smooth, appeared lighter, my skin tone become even, and it enriched my dehydrated skin with moisturized dewy glow.

I can sense that I’m really that fortunate to discover a miracle in a bottle. It’s the best cream ever and it didn’t failed me. With numerous skincare products I’ve been using before, I can really say that Juice Beauty is one of a kind! It’s undeniably user and pocket-friendly as well.

I’m undeniably satisfied and blissful with Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cc Cream, it has everything in it.

Goodbye to my oily pale skin and hello to my healthy, glowing skin!

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review: Radiance-Boosting Organic Product

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review Radiance-Boosting Organic Product, Michael todd tru organics product review, testimonial, pros and cons

As a full time employee, working by day and taking care of my family at night, it leaves me so little time to visit a beauty parlor to pamper myself or indulge to relaxing beauty regimen or even see a dermatologist for consultation.

This has been my dilemma over the years and it took me so long to discover the solution I’ve been looking for a while now. Until one day, I went to a nearby health beauty care chain store to purchase some hygienic products for my family, I saw this Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream being displayed near the counter and it instantly hooked me up of its classy appearance.

Just like typical ones, my human instincts poke me up and got curious about the product. When I tried to check it specifically its label, I was amazed of what I’ve read. Inside my head, I’m grinning that big, “This is it! I guess, my fairy godmother directed my feet to this place. ” So without any fuss knowing the product is made with organic ingredients, I confidently bought it and swiftly tried the cream on my face applying it day and night.

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review Radiance-Boosting Organic Product, Michael todd tru organics product review, testimonial, pros and consMichael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review Radiance-Boosting Organic Product, Michael todd tru organics product review, testimonial, pros and cons

I really love to use the product until now and it keeps on giving me superb results! It delivers extraordinary anti-aging benefits with clinically proven ingredients to lift, firm, brighten and promote elasticity for a smoothed, toned and more sculpted look. It makes me look younger and I’m totally delighted. My boyfriend is also surprised of how blooming I am these days and asked me, “Honey, what’s your secret? You look so gorgeous and beautiful these days.” I just replied him with a sparkling smile and say, “Well, Michael Todd helps me (showing the product to him)”. We both laughed that hard and enjoyed the day after he knew my secret and become interested of the cream, thinking to try it by himself as well.

Since then, my boyfriend always escorts me to the said health beauty care chain store where I bought the magical cream and we both enjoy its radiance-boosting effect on our face without affecting our time.

Deeply thankful to Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream. The convenience it gives makes me contented to spend more on it rather than spending my time and money to beauty shops. Pocket friendly and worth buying!

To all busy moms out there who don’t have luxury of time for yourselves, try this product! I guarantee, you won’t regret.

Enjoy your radiant day!

Michael Todd Skincare: Unbelievable Result Behind the Organic Anti-Aging Rejuvenator Cream

Michael Todd Skincare Product, organic living chic, organic skin care products

It cannot be denied that most of us have sensitive types of skin that prompt us to be careful on what to apply and which product to trust.

I am really meticulous when it comes to skincare product and I don’t easily give in whether it is tagged with famous brand name or it’s rich with organic formula. I admit, I belong to those frugal individuals and hate to waste money.

Since I value quality over quantity and safety over pleasure, what I usually do before using skincare creams is typically test it. I apply a little amount of cream to the upper side of my right hand and observe how my skin differs to my left hand which I usually do in daily basis. I know it takes time but the result I’ll get would be beneficial for me.


Comparing of hands, organic skin care product, organic cosmetics, organic living, michael todd true organic


It was January 2015 when I ordered Michael Todd’s Face and Neck Cream for only $95.00. After receiving the product, I’ve tested it in a jiffy way. By just about two (2) to three (3) weeks; I was able to notice the result.

I was completely amazed of what I’ve discovered and shrieked with amusement, “This is incredible!” I seriously didn’t expect that it would work for only weeks and not months unlike other creams I’ve tried and halt to use before. Well, my prediction failed for the very first time. I just then realized that the cream is worth to be tested for it made me feel confident enough to flaunt it’s incredible after effect.

Right now, I’m contently using Michael Todd’s Face and Neck anti-aging rejuvenator organic cream and flattered to receive compliments from my friends. It really made my day! I already recommended the product to them and happy to find out that they also enjoy the unbelievable result.

Thanks to Michael Todd Skincare Organic Products, I was able see for myself how the product is worth buying and worth my trust.

Certified Organic L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter

Certified Organic L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter, l occitane shea butter, pure shea butter, loccitane shea butter, shea moisture, shea tree, shea nut,  organic living, organic living chic, l'occitane reviews, Shea Butter Jasmine Ultra Rich Body Cream

It took me a long time to finally get my hands on L’Occitane’s Pure Shea Butter, considering the many products that I’ve tried coming from different brands. Now I’m a little bit obsessed with it and I’ve been using this in a number of ways.

L’Occitane’s pure shea butter is organically sourced, and this is why I really love it! I also like its paper disk on the product. It is a proof that no one touched the product before me and it reassures me that it is fresh and unspoiled. Yeah, I’m particular with cleanliness :)

Pure Shea butter is ideal for nourishing and softening dry, dehydrated skin, so it should be a wonder product for me. However, it also needs to be melted between the hands before applying. I find it easier to just scrape out a little at a time and apply directly on to my skin. It also takes some massaging to rub it into the skin, but it disappears almost completely without leaving any visible greasy residue. And guess what, this small tin itself could last up to a month! Yes, it could and it depends on your usage but for me, it really lasts up to a month.

Here are the ways to use L’Occitane’s Pure Shea Butter

  • Lips

I tried to replace my lip balm with it as my go-to night time lip treatment. I rub my finger into the tub trying to get a small amount of the product and then I rub two fingers together to warm it up slightly before applying it to my lips and then each morning I’ve woken up with a smooth soft lips.

  • Eyes

You can also use it around the corner of your eyes as an intensive moisturizer especially its shea that is supposed to be a great anti-aging product.

  • Scaly Bits

I have this annoying dry, scaly patches on my knee and my normal body lotion wasn’t doing anything to remove it. So I applied pure shea butter to my knee, almost overnight, the dry patch was gone!

  • Red Hands and Nose during winter

Especially on winter, red irritated patches on hands are developing and Shea butter can do great to that. I whipped out my tin of shea butter and applied to the affected areas. And I noticed improvements in the appearance over 2 weeks.

L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter has many different usage right? That’s why I love it so much! And here’s the great news, it has also different scents. Above all their scents, I am fond of Shea Butter Jasmine Ultra Rich Body Cream because of its jasmine extract that leaves captivating scent. Even my blanket smells beautiful the next morning!

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Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum: A Renewing Organic Facial Serum

Hello lovies! Organic Living Chic sends you LOTS of love for today’s review. This product is from my favorite organic brand, JUICE BEAUTY. Introducing, Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum.

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum: a Renewing Organic Facial Serum, juice beauty, juice beauty reviews, juicebeauty, blemish clearing, organic beauty products, juice organics, blemish skin, beauty juice, organic beauty, juice beauty cleanser

Before I used this product, it really annoys me to see myself in the mirror with sprouting pimples on my face staring right back at me. But now they’re gone when I started using this juice beauty’s blemish clearing serum.

When I checked online, I found lots of reviews regarding this serum and I decided, why wouldn’t I try this product personally? Could this be the answer to my skin problem? YES, indeed!

This blemish clearing serum is very thin and lightweight. It has a darkish tan color. It doesn’t dry off the skin, which is good even though it fights oily, combination, and blemish prone skin types. I really love the texture of it, it’s not too sticky and I can see it working immediately after I apply it. In the morning my face looks awake and ready to go. At night, it calms my skin from taking of any makeup I may have on.

I also noticed that when I use this all-over at night, my skin just feels smoother and brighter in the morning. It is not advisable especially to those who have sensitive skin to do it often because it has some strong ingredients but I do enjoy using it as an all-over serum from time-to-time.

Juice beauty promotes this serum as rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help regenerate, cleanse and detoxify. In addition to vitamin C and A this serum has green tea extract, lemon juice, apple juice, willow bark extract, raw sugar cane, and dandelion leaf.

One thing I’m impressed the most about all Juice Beauty products is its powerful formulations made without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, pythalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Their products are never tested on animals too.

Now for the ingredients:

Organic juices of pyrus malus (organic apple juice)*, vitis vinifera (organic white grape juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe leaf juice)*, ofcitrus medica limonum (organic lemon juice)*, saccharum officinarum (sugar cane), vegetable glycerin, sodium hydroxide, polysorbate-20, organic botanical extracts of salvia officinalis (organic sage leaf extract)*, salix alba (willow bark extract), camellia sinensis (green tea leaf extract), saccharum officinarum (sugar cane extract), algae extract, taraxacum officinale (dandelion leaf extract), melissa officinalis (lemon balm leaf extract), organic lemon verbena*, ubiquinone (CoQ10), magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C), tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), panthenol (Vitamin B5), allantoin, lecithin, xanthan gum, sclerotium gum, benzyl alcohol, citric acid, caramel, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) and commiphora myrrha (myrrh) pure essential oils.

* = Certified organic ingredient

Overall, I’m in love with this Juice Beauty Blemish Cleansing Serum. It works well and even helps my clear skin look better! Got some thoughts? Share with us at the comments below.

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser: An Organic Cleanser that Deeply Cleanse

Hello ladies! I am going to share with you another organic product that I’m fond of. Actually there are many of them that I’ve been using for almost months now and I am so excited to continue reviewing them in the next days. Introducing one of Juice Beauty Organic Skincare products, the Blemish-Clearing Cleanser.

juicebeauty, juice beauty, juice beauty reviews, juice beauty blemish clearing cleanser, organic beauty products, blemish skin, organic beauty, juice beauty cleanser, juice beauty blemish clearing cleanser review, clearskin blemish clearing

First reason why I love Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser is because it has certified organic ingredients (which is a requirement to me). There are a bunch of really nice ingredients like organic lemon juice which helps to improve skin tone and texture, organic aloe leaf juice which is very healing, anti-inflammatory ingredient and lemon balm leaf which has antiseptic and antiviral properties. So mainly, this cleanser is designed to help heal any acne blemishes and to prevent more acne from occuring.

Another reason why I love this product is its recycled packaging. I mean they used recycled paper for their packaging and I truly appreciated their care for the environment. Also I love its pump dispenser that allows me to dispense just enough cleanser with couple of light pumps.

The first time I used this cleanser, I noticed its gel-like consistency. It is so smooth and velvet-like as it goes to my face. It has a little thickness to it, but not very much. Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Cleanser is best for oily, combination, and blemish prone skin types.

This product is advised to use twice a day. Splash your face with water and massage a small amount of the cleanser into damp skin. Rinse away, and follow with a serum and moisturizer designed for troubled skin.

To sum up, Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing cleanser has these benefits:

o    Purifies and detoxifies with organic sage, lemon balm and dandelion botanicals.

o    Clarifies with organic lemon & cherry fruit acids.

o    Hydrates with algae and organic aloe

When assessing my skin care needs at the time of purchasing this product, I wanted to bring radiance to my dull skin and lighten my hyperpigmentation without using anything harsh, so I chose Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser. Any thoughts? Send us your message below.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser: An Organic Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

Hi ladies! It’s always fun to write and share some awesome ideas and reviews about healthy organic products! Everybody in my circle of friends knows how head over heels I am with Michael Todd True Organics and they hear it always! Haha! Now, I am writing again for the same brand – Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser. Yay, couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser, Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser: an Organic Deep Pore Gel Cleanser, Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser, Michael todd true organics, michael todd charcoal detox, michael todd charcoal cleanser. michael todd organic living products

Who loves lavender scent! Me, me, me! I love this fragrance because of its calming effects, that’s why I love the Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser even more for this reason. This deep cleaning wash uses Activated Charcoal, which is known for its absorbent properties, to reach into pores and draw out dirt, oil and other impurities. Also, it contains Organic Aloe and Lavender which soothes stressed skin, and Organic Rooibos Tea which is natural and anti-inflammatory that helps tone, reduce redness and calms acne flare-ups.

I always make it a hobby to take off all my make-up before going to bed to avoid breakups and puffy eyes and to care for my skin in general. This is the time when I am using this cleanser. It gently removes all the traces of makeups, even gel eye liner and waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and more radiant and best of all, it helped clear out residual marks from past break-outs and my skin tone looks more even. I am sure this is due to the Active Charcoal ingredient which clarifies pores.

If you have oily or acne prone skin I would recommend you look into this product. In short, this product is good for most skin types. It helps my face feels completely clean and refreshed, my skin is free of oil shine.

To use Charcoal Detox Cleanser, simply wet your hands and face with warm water, apply cleanser in palm of hands and gently massage on the face then rinse clean.

To summarize, this product is:

  • Certified organic
  • Thoroughly cleans skin without drying it out
  • Cleans deep into pores – making them look smaller
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance and artificial dyes

Have you also tried Michael Todd True Organic products? If so, what is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.