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For many years, skin care products were thought of as something that only women used. But those days are OVER guys! A healthy skin care regimen is just as important for men as it is for women. However, guys are a little shy about asking for men’s beauty tips. Perhaps they just feel a little less manly to have a bathroom full of ‘beauty’ products, but who doesn’t want to look their best, naturally? Men should take good care of their skin no less, so let’s discuss it here and now. There’s nothing wrong about being conscious with your skin.

So let me break it down into 7 tips for a great looking skin for men to help our guys out there reap the rewards of good skin care, in an organic, healthy way.

1. Stay Hydrated

Organic Grooming Products for Men, 7 Tips for a Great Looking Skin for Men - Living Organic, organic skincare tips for men, natural skincare tips for men, skincare products for men organic, grooming products for men organic, stay hydrated

Drinking enough water doesn’t just help the inside of your body, it also helps your skin appear brighter, smoother, and livelier. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is the key. Sports drinks are not counted, all you need is water and some hydrating veggies to balance your electrolytes.

2. Get a Great Organic Soap

Just because you can’t see the dirt and grime on your skin, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. That is why cleansing your skin is a must! If you recall the things you did all day, you can never ignore the fact that you are exposed to pollution, car exhaust, cigarette smoke and even room deodorizers. All of these can damage your skin that is why it should be washed away before the day ends. However, you can’t just grab any withered old bar soap. The additives, artificial fragrances, dyes and whirlwind of other chemicals found in conventional soaps can leave a feeling of dried out skin. Get a bar of Organic Soap for a gentle, effective cleanse.

3. Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from the surface to reveal the new skin cells beneath. Our skin exfoliates naturally but as we get older, the process of exfoliation starts to slow down and we need to help it along. Choose an Organic Exfoliator that contains scrubby particles to help smooth the skin and eliminate dullness. Applying once a week is great and twice a week is ideal. However, you can create your own exfoliator without spending money. Simply mix a teaspoon or so of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil with half a teaspoon of coconut sugar. Gently rub into your skin for a couple minutes before you wash your face.

4. Shave Smart then Moisturize

Organic Grooming Products for Men, 7 Tips for a Great Looking Skin for Men - Living Organic, organic skincare tips for men, natural skincare tips for men, skincare products for men organic, grooming products for men organic, shave smart then moisturize

Those conventional shaving creams and foams may be aggravating to sensitive skin. A lot of shaving cream ingredients in your typical drugstore have also been linked to cancer and hormone disruptions. You don’t need to stop shaving because of this, but you can always choose healthy alternatives, like this recipe:

Melt the coconut oil and shea butter at a low temperature in a double-boiler, then add the sweet almond or olive oil and stir it up. Pour into a large bowl and let it firm up in the refrigerator. Then use a mixer to whip it up into a consistency closer to a shaving cream. Then store in an airtight container.

If it cost you too much time and effort, you can always try this Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel.

5. Heal Dry, Rough Skin

If we talk about skincare, we can’t forget the skin in our hands. If you have dry, rough hands that require some serious moisture, get a tub of pure shea butter. You can also use a little unrefined coconut oil or jojoba oil in your hands and apply that in any parts of your body that are having a dry skin.

6. Eat Healthy

If you have oily skin, or experiences acne often, check out your diet. Eating a lot of junk or processed foods can really take a toll on your face, as well as your entire body. The real key to youthful skin is your diet. Take a look at these few tips on what to eat more and what not to eat.

What to Eat More

  • Organic Cabbage. Contains a lot of Vitamin C and some Vitamin A too. It also detoxifies the blood and the fiber helps push wastes and toxins out of your body.
  • Organic Pears. Just be sure to eat the skin since this is where most of the anti-aging nutrients are found.
  • Watery vegetables or fruits. It helps in hydration, which will make your skin look younger and radiant.

What not to Eat

  • Cut back on meat and dairy products. Just eat less meat and look for grass-fed, organic options.
  • Skip coffee and caffeinated tea because they can dehydrate your skin.
  • Fried Foods.

7. Dump the Baggage under your Eyes

One of the very first places we start to notice the signs of aging is around the eyes. Unfortunately, this is the very place that many men tend to neglect. Under eye problems can be a result of fluid retention or stress, (and lack of sleep of course). So to flush out what you can, grind on a celery. Celery works in two ways: it reduces stress hormones and it acts like a mild diuretic to encourage excess fluid to leave the body. You can also pick up a hydrating cream right away. It will help hydrate, smooth and protect your skin every day.

Gentlemen, it’s really that simple! If you incorporate these 7 tips for a great looking skin for men into your daily regimen, you will definitely notice a difference in your appearance. It’s an easy way towards healthy, handsome skin.

Nature Republic’s Real Nature Mask Sheet (Green Tea) Review

My Cool Experience with the Facial Mask

11428572_1085315641498449_286310896_nWhen I got home after buying Nature Republic’s Real Nature Mask Sheet, I immediately put the facial mask on our fridge and let it get quite cold.

You might be wondering why I kept it on our refrigerator, actually my friend shared an advice that in order for me to enjoy the facial mask’s relaxing touch on my face, I can have it cold.

Before I use the mask sheet, I first washed my face with soap and water. When I opened the pouch and carefully pull out the mask, a natural fragrance of green tea diffuses around and smells like sweet cologne. I love its fragrance! Not irritating to my nose.

When I gradually place the Green Tea Real Nature Mask Sheet on my face, I feel so comfortable, calm and fresh. It’s one of the best stress relievers I’ve ever tried! All of my stress were gone and it lulls me to sleep due to its magical touch.

That was a night of rejuvenation indeed!

Although it says in the instruction that I can remove the facial mask after 10 to 20 minutes, I still didn’t remove it until I sleep for better abortion of the green tea extract. I believe, it won’t cause allergic reactions to my face since it’s made naturally with organic ingredients. It’s 100% safe and effective.11419843_1087531414610205_1356785118_n

The Moisturizing Result

After I woke up in the morning, I immediately asked my family at home of what they can observe with my face. They said that my face looks lightened and moisturized.

And because of the cool feeling and compliment I received that morning, I started my day so right going to work with a sparkling smile on my face! I was blissful and delighted.

Thanks to K-Style Korean Shop for the Green Tea Real Nature Mask Sheet! That was really a great experience on my part. I now feel young and fresh looking the whole day. :)

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC CREAM REVIEW: Enhances Sun-Kissed Glow Perfect for Summer

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream Review

Summer season magnifies its extreme hot power already, as a result applying sun rays protection is highly recommended these days.

As one of those skin-conscious individuals, I hate staying under the heat of the sun as it makes me feel like a helpless toasted chicken. And due to this weather condition, I constantly apply skincare products making sure that my skin will be protected using SPF 30 products.

Talking about skincare products, the one that I lay my trust on is the Juice Beauty, Organic Solution. Yes, you read it right, it’s literally an organic solution suited to any skin types. Juice Beauty products are made with organic and natural ingredients which will bring safest and satisfying result to your skin. And I guarantee that!

before and after Juice Beauty

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now and it keeps me feel glowing and happy. For now, I’m currently using Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cc Cream. This cream helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and targets blemishes. This also enhances a natural, sun-kissed glow on your skin which is ideal to all skin types.

Inserting it on my daily routine, I am using this every day before heading to my workplace. Applying it constantly, I observed that my face become smooth, appeared lighter, my skin tone become even, and it enriched my dehydrated skin with moisturized dewy glow.

I can sense that I’m really that fortunate to discover a miracle in a bottle. It’s the best cream ever and it didn’t failed me. With numerous skincare products I’ve been using before, I can really say that Juice Beauty is one of a kind! It’s undeniably user and pocket-friendly as well.

I’m undeniably satisfied and blissful with Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cc Cream, it has everything in it.

Goodbye to my oily pale skin and hello to my healthy, glowing skin!

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review: Radiance-Boosting Organic Product

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review Radiance-Boosting Organic Product, Michael todd tru organics product review, testimonial, pros and cons

As a full time employee, working by day and taking care of my family at night, it leaves me so little time to visit a beauty parlor to pamper myself or indulge to relaxing beauty regimen or even see a dermatologist for consultation.

This has been my dilemma over the years and it took me so long to discover the solution I’ve been looking for a while now. Until one day, I went to a nearby health beauty care chain store to purchase some hygienic products for my family, I saw this Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream being displayed near the counter and it instantly hooked me up of its classy appearance.

Just like typical ones, my human instincts poke me up and got curious about the product. When I tried to check it specifically its label, I was amazed of what I’ve read. Inside my head, I’m grinning that big, “This is it! I guess, my fairy godmother directed my feet to this place. ” So without any fuss knowing the product is made with organic ingredients, I confidently bought it and swiftly tried the cream on my face applying it day and night.

Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review Radiance-Boosting Organic Product, Michael todd tru organics product review, testimonial, pros and consMichael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream Review Radiance-Boosting Organic Product, Michael todd tru organics product review, testimonial, pros and cons

I really love to use the product until now and it keeps on giving me superb results! It delivers extraordinary anti-aging benefits with clinically proven ingredients to lift, firm, brighten and promote elasticity for a smoothed, toned and more sculpted look. It makes me look younger and I’m totally delighted. My boyfriend is also surprised of how blooming I am these days and asked me, “Honey, what’s your secret? You look so gorgeous and beautiful these days.” I just replied him with a sparkling smile and say, “Well, Michael Todd helps me (showing the product to him)”. We both laughed that hard and enjoyed the day after he knew my secret and become interested of the cream, thinking to try it by himself as well.

Since then, my boyfriend always escorts me to the said health beauty care chain store where I bought the magical cream and we both enjoy its radiance-boosting effect on our face without affecting our time.

Deeply thankful to Michael Todd Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift Cream. The convenience it gives makes me contented to spend more on it rather than spending my time and money to beauty shops. Pocket friendly and worth buying!

To all busy moms out there who don’t have luxury of time for yourselves, try this product! I guarantee, you won’t regret.

Enjoy your radiant day!

Michael Todd Skincare: Unbelievable Result Behind the Organic Anti-Aging Rejuvenator Cream

Michael Todd Skincare Product, organic living chic, organic skin care products

It cannot be denied that most of us have sensitive types of skin that prompt us to be careful on what to apply and which product to trust.

I am really meticulous when it comes to skincare product and I don’t easily give in whether it is tagged with famous brand name or it’s rich with organic formula. I admit, I belong to those frugal individuals and hate to waste money.

Since I value quality over quantity and safety over pleasure, what I usually do before using skincare creams is typically test it. I apply a little amount of cream to the upper side of my right hand and observe how my skin differs to my left hand which I usually do in daily basis. I know it takes time but the result I’ll get would be beneficial for me.


Comparing of hands, organic skin care product, organic cosmetics, organic living, michael todd true organic


It was January 2015 when I ordered Michael Todd’s Face and Neck Cream for only $95.00. After receiving the product, I’ve tested it in a jiffy way. By just about two (2) to three (3) weeks; I was able to notice the result.

I was completely amazed of what I’ve discovered and shrieked with amusement, “This is incredible!” I seriously didn’t expect that it would work for only weeks and not months unlike other creams I’ve tried and halt to use before. Well, my prediction failed for the very first time. I just then realized that the cream is worth to be tested for it made me feel confident enough to flaunt it’s incredible after effect.

Right now, I’m contently using Michael Todd’s Face and Neck anti-aging rejuvenator organic cream and flattered to receive compliments from my friends. It really made my day! I already recommended the product to them and happy to find out that they also enjoy the unbelievable result.

Thanks to Michael Todd Skincare Organic Products, I was able see for myself how the product is worth buying and worth my trust.

Michael Todd True Organics Knu Serum Anti-Aging Face Lift

Age Defying Serum: Leaving Your Face Smooth and Soft that Makes You Look 10x Younger

Michael Todd True Organics Knu Serum

Just recently released, this Michael Todd True Organics Knu Serum Anti-Aging Face Lift have become an instant hit not only to women but also to men these days! With its much effective formula to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of premature skin aging, this anti-aging serum immediately amazes all walks of life. With its promise and effective results, the good news has spread like speed of light.

Unlike other typical anti-aging products, MichaelTodd True Organics Knu Serum Anti-Aging Face Lift is produced with ideal health benefits and ingredients suited for women having sensitive skins. Formulated with rich ingredients such as 70% organic ingredients, including healing aloe vera and antioxidant cranberries, green tea and seaweed. It has no added water, artificial dyes or fragrance, parabens, and sulfates, thus it is safe and is highly recommended for all skin types.

In line with Michael Todd Knu Anti Aging Face Cream, this serum also holds a price that will make those shoppers drop their jaws. Offered with an affordable price, face’ skin problems will be solved in just about few days.


before and after

The anti-aging serum doesn’t only take you there, it’s also accompanied with fragrant citrus extracts, fragrant oils, including lemon, lavender, and neroli oils which will make you consider that it’s worth buying. With such aroma, you’d love to use it daily having one drop by day and two drops during nightfall.

If you want to make the marks of fine lines and wrinkles in your face become hardly visible and lightened leaving you with smooth and soft young looking face, give this anti-aging serum a try! It’s guaranteed organic and effective. So if I were you, I’ll keep one and put in my cart.

Cameron Diaz Beauty Secrets Revealed: Certified Organic Cosmetic User

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Organic Cosmetics are making sounds in the market today. Its been recognized not just by most customers but even famous celebrities are now hooked to different organic products and brands. It can’t be denied that Organic Cosmetics are the healthier options than the conventional cosmetic products that are more or less toxic containing harmful chemical substances.

We have known plenty of celebrities who are now switching to organic products. To name a few are Madonna, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more to mention. And right now, we are featuring a famous organic cosmetic user in the name of Cameron Diaz and her journey of switching to Organic Cosmetics.

Cameron Diaz inspires everyone in her latest book entitles, “The Body Book”. She shared her formula in becoming happier, healthier and stronger motivated by her personal experience. In “The Body Book”, she shared what she learned and continues to discover about nutrition, exercise and the mind/body connection. There she also mentioned why she loves Organic Cosmetics.

Cameron Diaz: Her Journey towards Organic Cosmetics, Cameron Diaz, Organic Cosmetics, Celebrities who use organic Cosmetics, Organic skin care, Cameron Diaz Organic, Cameron Diaz Cosmetics, Cameron Diaz Makeup, Organic Celebrity, Healthy Celebrities, Why Celebrities switched to organic cosmetics, Juice Beauty, Celebrity who used Juice Beauty

Cameron Diaz admitted that she too, suffered from acne when she was on her teenage years. She tried everything just to make it go away. She even tried to cover it with makeup, rid it with medication – oral, topical, even the harshest prescriptions. Unfortunately, nothing helped very long. It made her feel awkward, embarrassed and frustrated all the way.

However, her problems got solved when her savior, Organic Cosmetics finally came to the rescue. According to her, the main secret in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and acne are drinking enough water every day, sleeping well and using organic cosmetic products. One of her favorite brands is Juice Beauty, who makes organic skin care and organic beauty products that are clinically validated to show transformative results. L’Occittane also is a good choice.

Now we have an idea how Organic Cosmetics changed Cameron Diaz’ life. But she’s just one of the many celebrities who are now so thankful they switched to Organic Cosmetics. This is the reason why Organic Living Chic strongly suggests to everyone, especially young girls out there who adore Cameron Diaz to follow her footsteps to be extra careful in choosing skin care products. Remember, your skin care should not be at the cost of your health, so choose Organic.


7 Effective Ways to Get Fair Skin Naturally

Your skin is one of your alluring weapons. It can also boost a woman’s confidence if she possess a beautiful skin to flaunt and never gets disturbed by some skin irritations, uneven skin tone, rashes and other skin issues. Several skin products that are good for maintenance are out in the market but using it alone does not garuantee good looking skin. So here is the cut-off list of some effective ways on how to get a fair skin naturally.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

1. Drink lots of water Nothing can defeat the value of water for whatever circumstances. Water intake should at least fall at a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day to compensate the fluid loss in the body. Dehydration takes place when there is no enough water in our body which can make the skin looks dull. Though water can’t really help in removing wrinkles, on the other side, it can improve digestion and makes the skin look fresh and acne-free.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

2. Sleep well Do not let your work ruin your beauty. After a tiring work shift, pamper yourself and sleep well. By doing this, your dead skin renews and it could finally get an instant lift. While you are sleeping, all the hormonal and metabolic changes occur in the body. This can maintain a healthy skin all the way.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

3. Exfoliate your skin Do your best not to skip skin exfoliation every day. By this, you can get rid of dead and dry skin that wraps up your body with dullness. Homemade scrub is just a reach at home and can never go wrong. Oatmeal can be of help with this instead of some expensive brands.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

4. Use Face Mask after a scrub This could be done but not after using fruit mask and after the sugar and salt scrub. This can cause an aggravated skin which leads to sensitiveness.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

5. Eat vitamin-rich foods Vitamin C could be the priority because it can help in lightening the skin tone as well as maintaining the suppleness of the skin. While foods that are rich in Vitamin A is for keeping the skin healthy and blemish-free.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally

6. Cleanse your face When reaching home after a long day of work, you should cleanse your face by using an oil or cream to remove make-up and a face wash afterwards. You can also use toner and moisturizer for this beauty routine.

6 Effective Ways on How to Get Fair Skin Naturally


7. Have an Active Lifestyle and Regular Exercise. Regular exercise also gives you a healthy, natural fair skin that you just can’t get any other way. It optimizes your insulin and leptin receptor sensitivity. It also releases the mood-boosting brain chemicals that help combat depression, clearing up acne and warding off signs of premature aging. When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients. C Wilson Meloncelli’s Flow is one good exercise you could try to achieve fair skin.

7 effective ways on how to get fair skin naturally, exercise to get fair skin, c wilson meloncelli flow

These are just a cut-off list and are by far the most effective ways to get fair skin naturally and more tips can be used in keeping your skin glowing while retaining its vitality. Hope this helps to maintain that glowing skin!


Top 10 Natural Foods that Keep Skin Healthy  

Top 10 Organic Food that Keeps Skin Healthy, natural beauty tips, tips for beautiful skin, how to get healthy skin, how to get glowing skin naturally, tips for beautiful skin, tips for fair skin, home remedies for glowing skin, organic living, organic living tips


If you want healthier skin without spending a fortune on cosmetics.  Here are the best foods to achieve that clearer and beautiful skin.

  1. Citrus – Fruits high in Vitamin C are known for clearer complexion. Most people ate oranges and other citrus but don’t know that applying this directly to skin can remove dead skin cells, tighten pores and act as efficient toner when used as part of skincare regimen.
  2. Garlic – is known for its properties that reacts with the blood in fighting harmful bacteria and viruses. The good thing is that we used garlic is most of our cooked food.
  3. Mackerel – the enormous content of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids in mackerel helps the skin look fresh and young.  Aside from that mackerel can be cook in many ways, so it’s like catching two birds in one stone, you enjoy both its taste and health benefits.
  4. Burdock – known for its abundance in calcium, potassium, amino acids and magnesium. Have it raw or cooked, it taste good!  It is also good as tea for drinking.
  5. Green Tea – known for its high levels of antioxidants, it doesn’t only make your skin look clearer but it helps in building your immune system.  Enjoy it hot or cold, it will be good as long it is pure.
  6. Sweet Potato – works on skin wonderfully with its abundance in potassium, sodium and vitamin A.  This can be the best tasting veggies that helps your skin healthy.  Again, enjoy it being served as grilled, baked or even a pie or casserole.
  7. Dark Berries – Aside from the fact that berries contain high levels of antioxidants,  they are also good source of protein, potassium and vitamins A, C and D.   One important thing, never confuse yourself on blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries they are equally good source of those above mentioned things.
  8. Acai Berry – with unparalleled source of antioxidant for youthful glowing skin.  Acai juice shouldn’t be missed.
  9. Eggs – enriched with Vitamins A, D and E.  The yolk is enough for healthy and clearer skin.
  10. Avocado – not just one of the best tasting food but also good source of essential minerals and  vitamins that keeps the skin look young and healthy

L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm: Why you Should Switch to this Ultra Rich Organic Lippie

Who else would want their lips to look good and be moisturized? I bet all women out there wants to. We, women, chooses lip balm as our first aid to dry lips . That is already a regimen to me, whenever I feel my lips are dry I instantly apply my lipbalm and there’s only one trusted name on that that feels amazingly fulfilling to me and guess what? It’s organic! So with no further ado, revealing my fave lip balm –  L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm. Why? Read on!l occitane shea butter, l occitane shea butter lip balm, pure shea butter, loccitane shea butter, shea butter lip balm, organic shea butter lip balm, l'occitane, organic, organic living, organic living chic, organic living tips, l'occitane australia, L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm: an Organic Ultra Rich Lip Balm

I love lip balms and I have tried so many different brands before until I am introduced to L’Occitane Shea Butter. It is rich in fair trade shea butter, it helps to moisturize, repair and protect dry and chapped lips. This comes with a white classy stick packaging, without looking cheap at all. I love its simple white and travel friendly packaging. Since I love to travel, that’s a plus for me!

To use this lip balm, its base need to be twirled up. It is not scented, and it applies very easily and smoothly. This is non-greasy, yeah that’s why I love it! Non-glossy yet moisturizing my lips. It is also paraben free, meaning it doesn’t contain any preservatives which I love even more! Unlike any other stick lip balms that I’ve used, this one doesn’t seem to stretch out my lips or highlights my lines at all. It also lasts a fairly long time. In other words, this works very very well. Not guilty to use it many times for its safe content.

Its shelf life is not specified, but I suppose it will be up to one year if not more. Over all, this is very nourishing. It gives me a soft, natural look. It’s organic and it’s great to wear with lipstick. No SPF, slightly expensive, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve been using this for several months and will continue to buy and apply it. This is a wonder lip balm for me! I’m sure you would love this L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter Lip Balm too cause It’s really worth a try. Warning! It’s addicting :)