Coffee Addict? The Reasons why You Should Switch to Organic Coffee and the Best Brands to Choose From

Are you aware on what’s behind the coffee you are consuming? Did you know that consuming organic coffee is still the best option rather than drinking non-organic ones?

Coffee naturally contains caffeine. There’s no difference if it is organic or not, it still has caffeine. The  huge difference between organic and non-organic coffee is the method of farming. Farming is not certified organic if the soil is not free from chemical fertilizers and insecticides for at least three years. Synthetic nitrogen, potash, and phosphate are the inorganic fertilizers commonly used in farming. The question is how sure are you that your coffee is not a source of unsafe pesticides? Due to widespread use of these chemicals, consumers’ healths are at risk.

Unfortunately, coffee increases the tendency of having poor health. Excessive coffee drinking may lead to leukemia, arthritis, stroke, or stomach cancer. And pregnant women is very much prohibited to drinking coffee because this can be the reason for miscarriage, underweight of the new born baby, or the baby will have defects in the body such as cleft palate. This is very frightening to know especially if you are planning to have a family of your own.

Organic coffee is free from toxins coming from pesticides. It is grown without giving any harm to the environment. Usually, coffee grows in shaded and precipitous sites. It is fully grown following a strict and environment friendly rules in farming. Here is the list of organic coffee brands that I have researched and assured to have grown responsibly and fairly traded coffee. They have excellent reviews, too. Let us evaluate if we have the same pick. Choose your best flavor!

1. The Organic Coffee Co. – A perfectly rounded blend yielding a medium bodied, complex flavor that is shade grown




2. Granny’s Gourmet Coffee-Whole Organic Coffee Beans from Hondura’s Marcala region. It has Medium Roasted-Mild Creamy Flavor-hinting of Mild Cherry and Milk Chocolate




3. Equal Exchange Organic Coffee – this is a Blend of Medium and Vienna Roasted Coffees




4. Jim’s Organic Coffee – wholesale coffee roaster dedicated to providing the very finest certified organic coffees available




5. Cameron’s Organic Whole Bean Coffee – this coffee possesses a sharp, bittersweet tang. This is grown and processed without use of pesticides, herbicide or chemicals.


There are varieties of coffees produce organically by different companies. If you decided to go for organic coffee and don’t have any idea of your choice yet, I hope my list would be of help to start with.

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