Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 100% Organic Extra Virgin

If you are on GAPS diet, organic produce is a requirement to add on your daily intake. While we cannot have processed foods, it is essential to use ingredients only that are acceptable in the diet. Fats and oils are very important in GAPS diet that’s why I looked into the best organic coconut oil that I can use. I found this product to be a good choice. I advise you add Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 100% Organic Extra Virgin in your recipe as you continue with your full GAPS diet.


organic coconut oil

Here are the reasons why I use coconut oil for cooking:

– It keeps skin healthy and proven to help heal some skin disorders like psoriasis, dermatitis and other minor problems. It has antioxidant properties that will help you look younger. Put some of the oil in the bruises, it heals by repairing damaged tissues.

– Coconut oils contain 50% lauric acid which help prevents the development of heart problems, high blood pressure. This oil has saturated fats which is also an essential fat to keep our organs healthy.

– It aids in the digestion thus prevents various stomach problems including irritable bowel syndrome. Saturated fats in coconut oil have anti microbial properties that fight against bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc., which may have cause indigestion.

– If you want to strengthen your immune system then have the coconut oil. It is proven to have antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid that fight bacteria, fungi.

I will be adding recipes next time using coconut oil, keep an eye to that :)

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