Jimmy Kimmel “What’s a GMO” Interview: You’ll Laugh at The Answers of These People When Asked about GMO

Is it a problem with GMO itself or people’s understanding?

According to new study that was done by consumer reports, packaged goods that are labeled “natural” actually contains Genetically Modified Ingredients. But critiques of GMO claimed that they contained health risks. It’s a complicated issue because evidences are not enough to support the findings. However, it has been a huge issue to everyone, there has been legislations designed to limit GMO’s, documentaries, angry facebook post and more abuzz. But, who cares about GMO?

This prompt Jimmy Kimmel to conduct an interview to people on a local farmers’ market asking what GMO means and whether they try to avoid it on their diet or not. And as a surprise, they got humorous answers. Take a look at it here:

This video is entertaining and funny to watch but at the same time, it is an eye-opener for everyone. These are people buying food at a farmers’ market, people who are probably very conscious of where their food comes from. In fact, most of them answered that they really tried to avoid GMO’s on their diet. But when they are asked what GMO really stands for, they got different wrong answers. Even though this video is sure being edited for humor purposes but the context is clear. People really don’t know what and why they’re fighting against GMO.

Although there are no enough evidence to prove that Genetically Modified Organism or GMO really contained health risks to us, there’s nothing wrong to prevent before it’s too late. We all know that GMO foods used genetic engineering techniques, meaning it can be harmful. So, in order to avoid and regret in the end, choose organic foods. It’s much safer than the processed one.

Remember, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism :)

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