Lip Care Tips: Keeping Your Lips Healthy Everyday



Lips are one of the best assets that a girl has which can add up to her femininity. It is one of the attractive features that make a woman appears gorgeous most especially if the lips are well taken care of. Unlike the skin, a person’s lips are being forgotten most often. Many people are very skin conscious purchasing different products of their likes and needs. Unfortunate to say, the lips’ health has always been set aside. Our unnoticeable habits lead to lip irritation, dryness and soreness. Our lips need to be pampered, too. This is why Organic Living Chic is bringing you now this lip care tips to achieve healthy looking lips.

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1. Clean your lips before going to bed using damped cotton ball slightly soaked in plain water or you can use some makeup remover or cream.
2. Massage your lips frequently to increase blood circulation by rubbing an ice-cube slowly to your lips.
3. Protect lips from unpredictable weather condition by applying lip balm and moisturizing cream that has sun screen to prevent it from drying and darkening.
4. Use trusted lip products with good quality like lipsticks, scrubs and moisturizers of which are chemical free and most of all, Organic.
5. Deep clean lips once or twice a week to remove dead cells and get rid from impurities.
6. Be well-hydrated the whole day by drinking plenty of water for this can moisturize and nourish your lips.
7. Have a healthy diet which includes vitamin A, B and C such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.


1. Don’t keep on licking your lips because the saliva can lead to lip dryness.
2. Don’t breath with an open mouth because the air will all be blown to your lips.
3. Don’t just share your lips to anyone who has a sore or infection on the mouth or face because fungi, viruses and bacteria can easily enter the cracks in the thin skin of your lips.
4. Don’t bite your lips because this can cause chapped and cracked lips.
5. Don’t smoke. This may not be followed easily but smoking can damage your lips and turns it dark brought about by tobacco and nicotine.

Here are how to take care of lips in Organic way:

1. For cleaning your lips, use lemon juice.
2. For keeping fresh and nourished lips, add rose petals to milk cream.
3. For moisturizing your lips, apply honey.
4. For keeping healthy lips, use aloe vera gel.

So, that’s it! I hope these lip care tips that I have shared with you could be an enlightenment that our lips are part of our body and it should be taken care of like how some parts are being nourished every day. Have a kissable lips lovies!

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