Mangosteen is a Superfruit


Mangosteen is a superfruit

Mangosteen (Gracinia Mangostana) is  a tropical fruit like other known fruits in the Philippines such as mango, carambola, papaya and others. It is sometimes labeled as a superfruit because it offers a lot of health benefits, from its peel to the inner core of the fruit.

The mangosteen’s peel contains xanthonoids which has antioxidant property. Studies reveal that a juice which is made up of mangosteen peel extracts may reduce blood levels of C-reactive protein, a biomarker of inflammation. Aside from the peel, the endocarp or the white part of the fruit which brings a mild flavor make it popular for eating. Mangosteen twigs have been used as chew sticks in Ghana, and the wood has been used to make spears and carpentry in Thailand. The rind of the mangosteen fruit has also been used to tan leather in China.

Here are the ten prominent medicinal benefits and properties of the mangosteen among the 200-plus benefits known:
1. Anti-aging – it helps prevent aging for old people
2. Anti-allergenic- it helps prevent allergic reactions for a sensitive skin
3. Anti-arthritic – it helps prevent arthritis
4. Antibiotic – it helps prevent or modulate infections caused by bacteria
5. Anti-depressant – it helps people suffering from depression
6. Anti-fatigue – it helps relieve fatigue that people are commonly experiencing
7. Anti-obesity – it helps obese people in losing weight
8. Anti-osteoporosis – it helps prevent the loss of bone mass
9. Anti-inflammatory – it helps people with inflammation
10. Antioxidant-rich – it is rich in antioxidants

It might just be an ordinary fruit that one will enjoy eating, but Mangosteen is extraordinary. The fresh ones are marketed for only a short period of six to ten weeks due to its seasonal nature. Mangosteens usually bear fruit in as little as 5-6 years, but more typically require 8-10 years.

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