Michael Todd Soniclear: The Cleansing Brush for a Healthier Skin

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The best cleansing system you’ve been dreaming of is finally in your sight. Introducing Michael Todd Soniclear Cleansing Brush that will help you realize what a clean face really mean and how it really feels. Not to mention its other benefits and advantages, it’s really worth a try. And for some personal reason, I am so excited to share with you my memorable experience with this sonic cleansing brush.

The first time I opened up the package I ordered online, I was shocked! Who would have thought about its flexibility, it is cordless with a charging port and separate brush head for your body. Perfect for me as I really love to walk and move around as I fix myself.

When I turned it on, its sound is subtle, not irritating, and it’s easy on skin. It’s refreshing and it doesn’t ruined my day compared to other brushes I had tried before. I’m not disappointed to try this brand and I will never go back to the brushes I tried before, I am perfectly happy with what it can offer.

What are its other benefits?

  • The soniclear is an innovative brush that cleans your skin deeply, allowing for not only a deeper clean but better absorption with your skincare products like serums and moisturizers
  • This is antimicrobial which means less bacteria on your brushes thus you’ll have a cleaner face
  • It is lightweight but it doesn’t feel weak or cheap but feels durable
  • Vibration also stimulates blood flow; bringing elasticity back to your face and/or neck
  • Removes makeup better and cleanses better than hands alone
  • The ability to change the speed of the brush. It will beep every 20 sec once the brush is in motion


The result:

Michael Todd Soniclear is the most powerful brush in the industry. From its design, grip on the handle to its results, simply amazing! I can’t wait to try other Michael Todd products and I’m sure I won’t get disappointed. You have to try it too and don’t forget to leave me a comment after the wonderful result of Michael Todd Soniclear will be at your hands.

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