OMG! What is GMO? The Meaning of GMO Debunked! Get the Right Info Here!

GMO is Genetically Modified Organism. Using genetic engineering techniques, organisms are being altered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals. They are also the source of genetically made foods. GMO engages into the insertion, deletion and mutation of genes.

How is  GMO being performed?
Look and observe the figure. Normally, tomatoes are picked from its plant before they are ripe and then it is ripened artificially. Genetically modified tomatoes are called transgenic tomatoes. Meaning, it has a deactivated gene in it. The result will be opposite of the normal behavior of the tomato. When it is being modified, it can no longer produce polygalacturonase that softens the fruit. Through GMO, tomatoes will have longer shelf life in its vine that allows it to fully develop its flavor.

Is GMO safe and acceptable?
Most countries do not agree that GMOs are safe. Other specific countries even banned the selling of GMO products in their market. However, United States approved GMOs. Most products that are genetically modified are corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and sugar beets. Several documentations proved that GMO foods are not safe at all. It leads to the increase of death poll. GMO corn, most especially, causes liver and kidney to rats when a study was conducted by French Scientists. It resulted into poisoning. So, it could be harmful to humans, too. Aren’t you scared?




How to avoid GMOs?
First and foremost, choose organic goods. From its processing, no synthetic chemicals are added to it. You can also buy locally grown foods because it is much safer than the processed one. Most processed foods contain most of the products I have mentioned above. You can also have your own garden at home. In this way, you’ll have the assurance that what you are eating is safe from harmful chemicals. Choose what you eat carefully because, above all, it is much nicer to freshly pick your own fruits and vegetables in your own garden. Make it a hobby, instead.

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