Organic Chicken and Egg: Why They’re the Healthy Sources of Protein

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Eating chicken gives us numerous health benefits. The no. 1 benefit that chicken might be known for is its high in protein. What’s healthy about the protein that we get from chicken is it helps to nurture our muscle growth and development. Aside from that health fact, did you know that it also helps aid weight loss and sustains healthy body weight? Its is because chicken can be a source of low fat protein.

If eating a traditional-raised chicken may provide you that, much more reason for you to choose and eat Organic Chicken. Organic chicken are far from those anti-biotic free and natural chickens. Therefore, an organic chicken is Certified 100% Organic Free-Range Chicken which means it is raised cleanly and safely from eggs to meats in our plate. Ideally, organic chicken are:


This just means that organic chicken doesn’t raised containing Antibiotics. So basically, it doesn’t need to undergo any inspection since there are no chemicals being used during the process of raising them together with its eggs.

Hormones-Free or Steroid-Free

This means that the organic chicken is guaranteed raised without it and it came from a poultry farm that practices ethical, natural and healthy production.


This literally means that organic chicken is not genetically modified to enhance its traits but instead, it’s naturally raised without strong harmful elements. To know more about GMO’s, read here.


This simply means that the organic chicken doesn’t contain all of the above mentioned risky rudiments like antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and GMOs.  Take note: Natural is far different from Organic.


This means that organic chicken came from a poultry that has been permitted to graze or forage outdoors. So this just indicates that the organic chickens are raised with an access in the outdoor side of the poultry.


Quite related with free-range raised organic chickens, but in this case, the chickens have freedom and came from a poultry that values animal rights. It can be also signify that the poultry owner raised chickens properly with care.

Grain Fed

This means that the organic chicken is fed with 88% grain and healthy supply that may contain vegetable protein such as soy which can modify flavor and color of the meat.


organic eggs, organic chicken eggs, chicken eggs, organic chicken, free range chicken, organic living


Organic Egg

Going further, from organic chicken, let’s take a glimpse with organic eggs. Just like how chickens are raised in a certain poultry farm, eggs came from it too. Organic eggs are said to be far from the bacteria called “Salmonella” than those conventional eggs. Other than that, organic eggs are also beneficial because of its nutrient content that is much higher. For additional information about organic egg’s benefits, you can also read it from here: “It is Best to Buy these Foods Organic, Find out What are They and Why”.

Organic egg’s benefits don’t just end there, for some health or skincare benefit of eggs; you can also check this page: “Top 10 Natural Foods that Keep Skin Healthy”. You’ll surely love the result after trying it.

If you choose organic chicken and egg, you’ll taste the healthiest, safest, and tastiest poultry products! Not just that, you’re also assured with absolute high quality of chickens and eggs came from a premier provider of healthy and delicious certified organic grass-fed beef and free-range poultry in the U.S.

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