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Is Ampalaya really good for Pregnant Women?

Bitter gourd, or ampalaya, is extensively known to have a bitter taste because it contains momordicin and is believed to be among the bitterest vegetable there ever existed. I say bitterest because it is really bitter unlike other vegetables cooked by most mothers in the kitchen. Ampalaya provides various health benefits. However, there should be reliable facts that can prove to its benefits even for pregnant women.

Mother always cares for her children. It is a long-time expiry. A healthy baby, after the delivery from a nine months stay in a mother’s womb, is being nourished through the mother’s healthy diet. The health of the fetus depends in the mother’s nourishment. Poor nutrition can lead to miscarriage because pregnant woman’s health is quite sensitive or can also give the child a poor health.

Speaking of pregnancy, is ampalaya really beneficial to the woman’s health condition? Studies presented that ampalaya is superior in treating diabetic problems. For this reason, many people are turning to ampalaya as a herbal supplement to cure diabetes. Diabetes is an agony that most people are suffering. The fact that chocolates and other sweet foods are tempting, who else will try to refuse? For a pregnant woman, this one should be minimized because of its high sugar content. They are prone to gestational diabetes, a type of glucose imbalance caused by pregnancy. But, can ampalaya give them assurance of diabetes treatment? Still, there are no strong facts behind this.

In my research, ampalaya is identified hypoglycemic. Meaning, it involves an abnormally diminished content of glucose in the blood. Without broad discussion with a doctor, this should not be a strong basis for pregnancy because the best control over this disease is through dietary maintenance and proper exercise. Again, if you are a pregnant woman, consult your doctor regularly.