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List of Genetically Modified Foods You Should Start Avoiding Now!

List of Genetically Modified Foods You Should Start Avoiding Now!, genetically modified foods, organic living chic, gmo, organic foods

For a long period of time now, the debate whether GMOs are safe or dangerous for consumption seems to be never-ending.

Some countries like United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China, and among others, allow GMO crops. On the other hand, there are also numerous countries that completely ban GMOs believing that those food could put their health at risk and instead, they strengthen their advocacy to going organic. To name a few, those are Russia, Switzerland, Australia, France, Germany, Greece, and Mexico. Because of the popping issues these days having diverse views and results of studies, people can get confused of what’s really true about GMOs.

Although some online ads from pro-GMOs tries to convince people that biotech foods are actually safe, they still couldn’t conceal the huge fact that those kinds of crops can bring harmful effects to health. To prove that GMO’s are unsafe to eat, here are some important information we’ve collected from Collective Evolution (CE) Article in which they also retrieved from numerous studies:

  1. Multiple Toxins From GMOs Detected In Maternal and Fetal Blood
  2. DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them
  3. New Study Links GMOs To Gluten Disorders That Affect 18 Million Americans
  4. Study Links Genetically Modified Corn to Rat Tumors
  5. Glyphosate Induces Human Breast Cancer Cells Growth via Estrogen Receptors
  6. lyphosate Linked To Birth Defects
  7. Study Links Glyphosate To Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  8. Chronically Ill Humans Have Higher Glyphosate Levels Than Healthy Humans
  9. Studies Link GMO Animal Feed to Severe Stomach Inflammation and Enlarged Uteri in Pigs
  10. GMO risk assessment is based on very little scientific evidence in the sense that the testing methods recommended are not adequate to ensure safety.

Here, you will find these specific foods that are being altered with DNA of bacteria, viruses, plants and animals through genetic engineering techniques, the list will help you decide for your own sake so you’ll be extra cautious with your food choices:

List of Genetically Modified Foods, table, organic living chic, gmo, gmo table, avoid this foods, organic living chic

Believe or not, almost all of the foods you consume are being altered with different genes to enhance its appearance, size and expands its life. You might be shocked this time but the best way you can do is avoid GMO foods and choose ORGANIC instead. As the common reminder goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is a classic reminder but proves to be sensible every single time.

So while it’s not yet too late, be watchful now of what you buy in the market and read informative articles related to GMOs that may help you distinguish on How Do You Know if Your Food is Conventional, GMO or Organic.

If you wish to know more about what GMO is really all about, feel free to visit our site and you may read: OMG! What is GMO? The Meaning of GMO Debunked! Get the Right Info Here!



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Jimmy Kimmel “What’s a GMO” Interview: You’ll Laugh at The Answers of These People When Asked about GMO

Is it a problem with GMO itself or people’s understanding?

According to new study that was done by consumer reports, packaged goods that are labeled “natural” actually contains Genetically Modified Ingredients. But critiques of GMO claimed that they contained health risks. It’s a complicated issue because evidences are not enough to support the findings. However, it has been a huge issue to everyone, there has been legislations designed to limit GMO’s, documentaries, angry facebook post and more abuzz. But, who cares about GMO?

This prompt Jimmy Kimmel to conduct an interview to people on a local farmers’ market asking what GMO means and whether they try to avoid it on their diet or not. And as a surprise, they got humorous answers. Take a look at it here:

This video is entertaining and funny to watch but at the same time, it is an eye-opener for everyone. These are people buying food at a farmers’ market, people who are probably very conscious of where their food comes from. In fact, most of them answered that they really tried to avoid GMO’s on their diet. But when they are asked what GMO really stands for, they got different wrong answers. Even though this video is sure being edited for humor purposes but the context is clear. People really don’t know what and why they’re fighting against GMO.

Although there are no enough evidence to prove that Genetically Modified Organism or GMO really contained health risks to us, there’s nothing wrong to prevent before it’s too late. We all know that GMO foods used genetic engineering techniques, meaning it can be harmful. So, in order to avoid and regret in the end, choose organic foods. It’s much safer than the processed one.

Remember, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism :)