Ten Most Admired Female Celebrities: Certified Organic Users

Popular celebrities are intense spectators of cosmetic products, and they don’t just rely on talks about certain brands they test it themselves. A lot of these celebrities actually still chose to go natural, or organic, when it comes to beauty care, and some of them are certified organic users especially in skin care or makeup. These celebrities, which are considered some of our favorite stars on screen, are certified organic cosmetic users.

1. Madonna, an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, uses only organic cosmetics in her face. She is known to be the Material Girl in Hollywood when her song sprouted like mushrooms in music industry. Her choice is the grapefruit vitamin C gel. Being an entertainer, her physical feature is one of her best assets.

2. Jessica Alba, an American television and film actress and model, is a loyal Vapour Organic Beauty consumer. She is a living proof that the brand gives the customer an assurance that the products they are making are pure organic cosmetics and guaranteed safe to the skin during application.


3. Sarah Jessica Parker, an American actress, model, singer and producer, uses organic beauty products, too. As revealed, she is a regular customer at John Masters Salon where organic products are used.

Sarah Jessica Parker

4. Alicia Silverstone, an American actress, producer, author, and environmental activist, is a certified user of Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash of John Masters. She enjoys using Crazy Rumor’s Hibikiss Tinted Lip Balms and a fan of Priti NYC, a nail polish. These products are made of organic jojoba, shea butter, and olive oil.


5. Cameron Diaz, an American actress and former model, is a certified user of Juice Beauty Products. She is conscious with her renowned loveliness so she utilizes deep-penetrating diffusion of juices.

Cameron Diaz

6. Gisele Bundchen, a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, prefers organic brands of cosmetics like RMS Beauty. She is using the product before her shoots like in H&M.


7. Rita Wilson, an American actress, singer, and producer, uses Suki for her cosmetics. Like her husband, who is using biologically vitalized cosmetics, she also uses ingredients like vitamin c, liposome, fruit oils and herb extracts.


8. Georgina Chapman, an English fashion designer and actress, is a fan of John Masters Organics. This actress uses Evening Primrose Shampoo in maintaining her beautiful and healthy hair.

Georgina Chapman

9. Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, singer, and food writer, preferred organics for her beauty. During her pregnancy, she uses Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Stretch Oil in lightening her stretchmarks.


10. Natalie Portman, an actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship, loves Priti NYC like Alicia Silverstone. She uses Ahava’s Dead Sea as exfoliator and Arcona Booster Serum for her skin.natalie

Beauties of the admired female celebrities are absolutely fascinating to look at. They have different features in every part of their skin but it has the same glow. They have ideal exquisiteness that made the audience stunned to the extent that they are being adored. However, celebrities will not be the only set of people who will experience such pleasure and satisfaction, regular consumers of organic cosmetics, too.

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