Things You Should Know About Organic Valley, an Organic Company

Organic Valley was founded by farmers, is owned by its farmers, and is driven by a mission to save family farms, as well as to give future generations an opportunity to farm,” Travis Forgues, Organic Valley Vermont Farmer-Owner, affirmed.

When I first read the statement, I am truly amazed that the company is purely owned by farmers. These dedicated individuals are producing earthly products for the welfare of their consumers. Since year 1988, they have been influential people by focusing on organic agriculture. It is a farmer-owned cooperative known as CROPP or Cooperative Region of Producer Pools. Organic Valley, as a part of CROPP, has 1,687 certified-organic farms spread all over the United States and three provinces in Canada. Organic is all that they do.
organic valley

People in many communities all over the world are very particular in terms of foods and its quality. It includes the environmental issues from different places. For good health’s sake, they opt to have nutritious and natural foods served every meal. This is a manner of keeping the family away from food poisoning specially the rampant use of such harmful chemicals in some food productions.

CROPP is farmers on a mission. That is to work in two essential aspects of sustainability, for economic and for environment. It is in their goal to continue the legacy of organic farming. Their farmers love their lands and did the strategies to protect the health of the family farms in rural communities. CROPP started with vegetables planting and subsequently had dairy products, too. They believe that people have the right to choose foods of their needs and wants. They give attention to nature and seek to build better organic farming from the present generation to the next.

Organic Valley produces varieties of certified organic goods to markets and stores. These products include cheese, milk, butter, soy milk, eggs, produce, and organic meats. Yes, you read it right. These are all certified organic products because, again, organic is all that they do. To briefly reiterate their list of goals, it is merely into promoting regional farm diversity and economic stability as stated in the CROPP’s main mission. Personally, I admire such company for bringing the populace closer to nature. They have this goal which does not only care for the company but the whole organic community, as well. For further information, visit Organic Valley’s page here.

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