Ever Heard About Organic Pregnancy? Follow the 5 Important Principles Here

Proper nutrition is the most essential concern when it comes to pregnancy especially during the fetus’ early development. When a woman gets pregnant, it is her sole responsibility to take care of her nourishment which is also linked to that of the baby in her womb through the umbilical cord. If a woman gets sick, the baby will also be affected inside. It will not bring good result, really, because a baby is still dependent to the mother’s nutrition for 9 long months. So, these tips can be very helpful in going organic during pregnancy:

1. Eat Organic Foods during Meal Time

This is the very first tip because this is very essential to a healthier pregnancy. From early stages, choose the right food to eat. Consuming organic foods is your way to safer and nutritious meal every day. As much as possible, don’t give attention to most toxic items. Cooking foods with vegetables and fruits are the most recommended ingredients. But, it is better for you to personally pick your own ingredients from your garden, if you have, because there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are out in the market today, some are conventional and not organic. It may harm your health because of the rampant usage of dangerous insecticides in some farms. It is better to be very vigilant most of the time. Again, choose what you eat.

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2. Have Enough Water Intake

We all know the power of drinking water. As a pregnant woman, you should always be hydrated because you need more liquid in the body, so is the baby. Try to avoid colas in quenching your thirst because you are in a sensitive condition and the sugar that it contains will give you health problems. When drinking water, prefer using a glass and not from a  plastic container because plastics are more prone to the growth of bacteria. Coffee is a no-no for a pregnant woman, too. Instead, you can make juices out of the fruit extracts. Without a doubt, it could be more nutritious and more enjoyable to drink, too.


3. Use Organic in Beauty Routine

I know that we have different choices when it comes to our personal beautification. Conventional beauty products are mixed with certain chemicals and preservatives you have not known and you might be surprise of its bad effects to you. Try replacing your lotions, makeup, perfumes, and other beauty products with the organic ones. You can make your homemade products, too. It’s time to maximize your organic ingredients at home because this is way better and Eco-friendly than the ones you are using. Remember, your condition depends on you.


4. Make use of Organic Cleaning Products

Cleaning products these days are containing harmful toxins that are not good for the unborn babies. To avoid this, prevent yourself from the exposure of these substances. It is understandable that toxins are everywhere and impossible to fully avoid but as a responsible mother, you have the option to choose the safer products. Refrain from using insecticides in the yard and stay a distance away from paint and paint removers because it releases toxic aromas. For these reasons, it is a good habit to go organic even for home cleaning. That is the right choice, actually.


5. Choose Organic Dairy and Meats

Non-organic dairy and meats are containing growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticide residue. Pregnant women are counseled by doctors not to include raw foods for consumption like raw fish and eggs. You can research for alternatives for these. As early as possible, make your baby safe by replacing your foods with organic produce.



Don’t be a reluctant, pregnant woman. If you start taking care of your health, you are also saving another creature in your womb. Remember, what you eat is what the baby gets.

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