Why Organic Brown Rice is Healthier than Any Rice

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Have you ever wondered what is it in Organic Brown Rice that makes it the healthier choice of consumers? Well, we’ve gathered the answers here.

Although there is no enough evidence that could prove that Organic Food is healthier than conventionally-grown foods, they contain lower levels of harmful pesticides and chemicals are enough to claim that Organic Foods are safer. Also, Brown rice itself is a good source of health-beneficial nutrients such as fiber, and other essential minerals. So, if we think to combine the benefits we could get from Organic foods plus in the brown rice, we could really say that Organic Brown rice is healthier choice.

Organic vs. Conventional Foods

Organic Foods, such as organic brown rice, are grown differently than those grown conventionally. For example, organic farmers doesn’t use chemical fertilizers to boost plant growth. Instead, they uses natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost while conventional farmers only uses fertilizers and chemicals. Conventional foods typically uses synthetic insecticides and herbicides to kill pests, weeds and disease. The chemicals in conventionally-grown foods can also leave a residue on produce that may result to disease and even death.

Brown Rice vs. White Rice

White rice came from refined Brown Rice. The refined brown rice loses its side and hull and bran during refining process, making it faster to cook and digest. However, the refining process is where the very components that contains the most nutrients are lost. The side hulls and brans of brown rice are rich in calcium, fiber, magnesium, proteins, potassium and thiamine. Thus, the refining process of the white rice is what makes it less nutritious than the unrefined brown rice.

Nutritional Value of Brown Rice

High in nutrients while low in calories, that’s what makes Brown rice a healthy food. It is a whole grain that passed the USDA’s dietary recommendations of three daily serving of whole grains – each ½ cup of brown rice is equal to 1 serving of whole grains. Brown rice are rich in fiber, which may reduce heart disease and risks for certain cancers. It also promotes good digestion and healthy weight. It is also rich in essential minerals like magnesium and manganese. And most of all, brown rice is a gluten-free food that contains no trans fat or cholesterol and contains a bit amount of fat and sodium.

Those are just few of the many reasons why Organic Brown Rice is healthier and yummier than any other type of rice. So what are we waiting for? Let’s switch while its early! If you want to make sure you are buying certified organic brown rice, pay attention to the label. If the rice is labeled natural, it doesn’t mean it’s organic. Read this article to find out why. The common disadvantage of Organic product is its cost, as organic may cost significantly more than their conventional counterparts. But it’s not as high as the cost we could take if we would let our family eat cheap yet unhealthy foods. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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